Ravichandran Ashwin’s Unique Idea To Spread Awareness !!

Government announced shutdown to make people stay in indoors to avoid the deadly Coronavirus from spreading. Community spread is the dangerous threat to our society right now. Many cinema celebrities and famous personalities are also insisting the same on the public people. Meanwhile Chennai based Indian top spinner Ravichandran Ashwin initiated a new way to let people realize the seriousness of the situation. Instead of creating hashtags, the cricketer who has nearly 1 crore followers in Twitter changed his handle name.

Ashwin is very much known for voicing out for the social issues. The cricketer, to make people stay inside their house, changed his handle name from Ravichandran Ashwin to “Let’s stay indoors India”. Now, through his every activity in Twitter, Ravichandran Ashwin asks his followers to stay indoors. The first tweet Ravi posted with this handle name is about the service people who are making calls from their office even at this worst situation.

“To h… with essential services alone working, where do they make these marketing calls from?? Home??” his tweet read and he posted another tweet about the crucial upcoming 2 weeks. Check out his tweets below :

Followed by these tweets, the cricketer also reacted on knowing about the new cases of Coronavirus in China. He felt good after knowing that China is recovering well and the people of the nation became aware of teh situation.

To make people stay indoors, Government of India announced lockdowns in the major cities. People across the world are requested to self quarantine themselves to prevent spreading the Coronavirus. So far the virus killed more than 16,000 people around the world. As far as Tamilnadu is concerned, the first case without foreign contact reported on the night of 23rd March by health minister Vijaya Bhaskar.

His recent tweet also asked people to stay home and to save lives. Check out the tweet here :

Let us cooperate with the government by staying in home to save ourselves and to save others in our neighbourhood !!


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