Rapido Driver’s Midnight Texts To His Female Customer Caused Controversy !! Company Reacts

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2 weeks ago

Rapido is India’s first and fastest – growing Bike taxi app with a whopping 25 Million+ app downloads. On March 14th, a Twitter user by the handle “husnpari” shared screenshots of inappropriate messages allegedly sent by a Rapido driver. According to the tweets, the woman had shared her location with the driver via WhatsApp and the driver had responded with a series of messages in Hindi at 1:25 am, asking if she was awake. He further explained that her profile picture and voice had motivated him to come pick her up, despite being in a distant location. The driver’s final message translated to “another thing, I am not bhaiyya (brother).”

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The tweets quickly went viral, with many users expressing concern over the safety of women when sharing personal details on ride-hailing apps. Some users also shared their own experiences of facing harassment while using ride-sharing apps like Rapido. One user claimed that the bike taxi app was “no longer safe.” Another user criticized the app for not doing enough to control “horny drivers.”

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In response to the tweets, Rapido Cares, the customer support account of the bike taxi app, asked for the woman’s contact details and ride ID, promising to take action on the matter urgently. The support page also apologized for the driver’s lack of professionalism and assured users that the matter would be addressed promptly. However, in a follow-up tweet, the support handle revealed that they were unable to get in touch with the user and requested her to share the necessary details at the earliest.

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The incident highlights the importance of ensuring the safety of users when using ride-hailing apps. While many apps have safety features in place, such as GPS tracking and in-app reporting, it is essential to educate users on how to use these features effectively. Users should also be encouraged to report any incidents of harassment or inappropriate behavior immediately.

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In addition to these measures, ride-hailing companies should also conduct thorough background checks on their drivers and provide them with regular training on how to behave professionally with customers. Companies should also have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior, and take immediate action against offenders.

Screenshot 2023 03 17 at 10.33.13 AM
Rapido’s Apologise

It is also crucial to have more women in the transport ecosystem, as suggested by one user. Having more women drivers and support staff could help create a safer and more inclusive environment for all users. It would also help in breaking down gender stereotypes and promoting gender equality.

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Whatsapp Screenshot

The incident involving the alleged harassment of a woman by a Rapido driver highlights the need for ride-hailing companies to prioritize the safety of their users. While companies may have safety features in place, it is essential to educate users on how to use them effectively and to take proactive measures to prevent harassment and inappropriate behavior. Furthermore, having more women in the transport ecosystem could help promote gender equality and create a safer environment for all users.

When Rapido said “We have been relentlessly trying to reach you to get the Ride ID & your registered mobile no. Please understand that these details are required urgently for us to be able to help you”, the victim replied “i have also been relentlessly trying to get a response from the past 3 days. needless to say it is a very urgent issue, i dont see why i am getting such a late response in the first place. cannot DM you though, have tried multiple times the text isn’t delivering”

Here’s the screenshot :

abc 3

Here’s the tweet she shared :


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