Rangaraj Pandey Resigned From Thanthi Tv ?? Check Out The Clarification From Himself !!


Rangaraj Pandey is Chief News Editor in Thanthi TV till yesterday, famous TV channel in Tamilnadu. Before working in Thanthi tv, he joined as a writer in Dinamalar, daily Newspaper. He wrote an article in a pen name ‘doubt danabal’ which was very famous and received an overwhelming response from the reader.

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After 12 years he joined in Thanthi TV in 2012, over the period of 6 month time he was promoted twice and when he resigned yesterday his post in Thanthi Tv was editor in chief of Thanthi TV.

Being one of the leading journalists of the state who have interviewed almost every leading celebrities including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Be it any politician or actor his questions to them during the interview would be bold and straight which gained him a unique set of audience. People started setting eyes on him since his interviews made big time controversies and debates.

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Confirming his resignation from Thanthi Tv, the journalist uploaded a video in his youtube channel. In the video he says “There is no particular reason for my resignation, This is decided by me after thinking about it very deeply. When we do a same work in a repeated manner, we become tired, it is a try to overcome it. Be it Dhinamalar or Thanthi television, if i talk anything ill about them, it would be very false. They took care of me very well and treated me as a king. It is also a try of giving space for young generations. There will be atleast 6 or 7 youngsters who would see a change in their career because of my absence.”

In the video he also shares about how generously the administration of Thanthi Tv accepted his resignation and he also says that he will be always connected with the people through his profession.

Following this Pandey also posted a popular poem of Bharathiyar in his official twitter account whose birthday is today :

Is this a hidden message to someone regarding his resignation from Thanthi ?? Well, check out some of the reactions from public for his resignation from Thanthi :

Comment your views on Rangaraj Pnadey’s decision !!


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