Random Twitter User Trolled Chinmayi By Comparing Her To “Diwali Cracker” !! Check Out How She Handled Him !!

CM / Updated: 2018-10-17
19:45 IST

The core idea of the Me Too campaign is to allow the survivor to speak up, and to listen. This requires a safe space to vent, where support will be unconditional. Sadly, such is not the case in the Tamil Twitterverse.


Samantha Akkineni, Varalaxmi Saratkumar and Siddharth. That’s about all of the celebrity voices from the Tamil film industry to come out in support of Chinmayi’s tweets against Vairamuthu.

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Both Samantha and Siddharth are seen as outsiders in the Tamil film industry, since they both work extensively in Telugu cinema as well.

Of all their tweets, Siddharth alone named Vairamuthu in his tweet and asked for an investigation and action to be taken.

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It was only on Sunday, six days after Chinmayi’s tweet, that Vishal, who is now the head of the Film Producer’s Council, expressed his solidarity with the movement.

On these allegations Vairamuthu  added that for the past week he had been in discussions with a legal team, and claimed he had strong evidence ready now. “If you decide to file a case, I am ready to face it. I request people not to judge me now, not to decide if I’m a good person or not, and instead let the courts decide first,” he said.

As a part of the #Metoo movement online, there had been anonymous allegations against Mr. Vairamuthu. Singer Chinmayi had alleged through a series of tweets that she had been asked to ‘cooperate’ with Mr. Vairamuthu by the organisers of an event in Switzerland. These allegations had later been denied by the organiser, Suresh, in a separate video response as well.


On seeing this video Chinmayi took her twitter account to react. She said “Mr. Vairamuthu should take a lie detector test. Enough said.”

She had also shared anonymous allegations made by other women against the national award–winning lyricist, on Twitter.

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She experienced equal amount of support and hatred among social media users regarding her #MeToo sharings. So many memes trolled her as well for her numerous allegations against Vairamuthu and other celebrities.

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Now a random twitter user trolled Chinmayi by comparing her to Diwlai Crackers. He wrote “A new cracker arrived for Diwali named Chinmayi, It will burst only after 15 years once you lighten” in Tamil.

He tagged Chinmayi, Vairamuthu in the post where the singer witnessed it and replied to it. She replied “Valcano will turbulent for years but once it erupts there will be a disaster. Shut and go” 

Then the user who trolled her replied her in a positive way.

Following the conversation Chinmayi seen replying for number of comments. Check out them here :



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