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Random Guy Asked Ashwin To Keep “Mankading” !! Check How The Cricketer Replied !!

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Random Guy Asked Ashwin To Keep “Mankading” !! Check How The Cricketer Replied !!

Mankading has become a widely discussed topic ever since Ravichandran Ashwin pulled off the mode of dismissal for the first time in this year’s IPL to dismiss Rajasthan Royals’ Jos Buttler. The act from Ashwin evoked mixed reactions from fans and cricketing experts around the globe.


Ashwin received a fair amount of criticism from a certain section of the cricketing fraternity who believed his action to be disgraceful and against the spirit of the game while certain others believed that the off spinner must have at least provided Buttler a warning before running him out.

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However Kings 11 Punjab failed to reach the play offs and Ashwin who is not in the world cup squad have initiated a talent hunt in his Gen Next Cricket Institute. Now the cricketer who is pretty much active in twitter has came up with a hilarious deal about mankading.


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Ravi Ashwin is known to be straight forward with his comments and opinions and interestingly, he decided to reply to a random Twitter user’s message about honesty. “How difficult is it to be honest? Forget being to others, but to yourself? Is 100% honesty achievable?” the fan asked to which the 32-year-old funnily replied stating that staying in denial is a big joy in life.

“99 percent can’t be honest to themselves… One big joy of life is to stay in denial,” wrote Ashwin in his tweet.


No wonder this was a savage response from the off spinner which the other fan liked and he suggested the cricketer to keep mankading. Now, Ravi Ashwin should’ve come up with a witty response to it but he replied, “Deal,” which clearly suggests that the bowler still backs himself for what he did in the IPL.

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For this the West Mambalam resident immediately replied with an unexpected comment He just accepted the request from the guy and wrote “DEAL” with thumbs up and fire emoji.

Check out some of the reactions for his replies :

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