Ramya Pandiyan’s Biased Behaviour Made Her Own Fans To Hate Her !!

Ramya Pandiyan who was highly believed to win the trophy of Bigg Boss season 4, is slowly gaining haters due to her activities in the past few episodes that got telecasted. Ramya Pandiyan rose to fame among Tamil cinema audience through the pictures surfaced in the internet from her terrace photoshoot. She acted in films such as “Joker”, “Aan Devathai” etc.


After participating in the show, Ramya, initially grabbed the hearts of fans by expressing her opinions for the appropriate issues. However, in the past few episodes, the way she was laughing during serious issues irked the followers of the show. She also raising voice, supporting only selective contestants such as Balaji Murugadoss, Samyuktha etc.


On the 51st day, when Samyuktha called out Aari for calling her as “immature”, Ramya kept mum. Samyuktha argued that she never degraded anyone’s “upbringing”. Fans who are following the show for a long time, pointed out that Samyuktha already degraded Aari’s “upbringing” during court task. Sam who believed that Aari called her as “Tharuthala” during the court task, said to Ramya that Aari’s “upbringing” makes him talk that way. However, it is well known that Aari used that word only to make contestants understand how the meaning of the word changes according to the tone of the speaker.

Now, when Samyuktha argued that she never talked about anyone’s upbringing, Audience who saw Ramya keeping mum, started questioning why she is not voicing out now like she voiced out against Aari in the previous episode. They also released a “Kurumpadam” for the duo.


Watch it below :

“Now I understood Y Ramya is sitting as Judge in KPY comedy show. Bcoz, she is showing her 32 teeth always!!!” said a follower on Ramya’s attitude whereas another one said “Ramya you lost my girl! You officially joined Bullying gang.”

Check out some of the reactions :


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