Ramya Krishnan Reacted To The Announcement Of Vanitha On Quitting “BB JODIGAL” !!

Followed by the announcement made by Vanitha Vijayakumar regarding the BB Jodigal show, veteran actress Ramya Krishan was reportedly asked by a media portal to give her opinion about it and the senior actress had asked them to question Vanitha about what happened in the sets of the dance reality show and added that it is not her concern.


On Thursday, Vanitha Vijayakumar released a press note saying that she is “walking out the BB Jodigal show” after facing harassment from a woman in the show. Vanitha said that she will never accept bullying, harassment and abuse from anyone in press meet and talked about the bonding she has with Vijay Television since Bigg Boss 3. She also apologized to Suresh Chakravarthy for quitting the show which leaves him with no partner.

“I am a person who will never accept bullying, harassment and abuse from anyone. Whomsoever, even if they are my own family. The whole world knows that.. Vijay TV has always been family eversince Bigg
Boss 3. I have been working with them continuously in shows like Cooku with Comali, Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru and many special appearance in their shows. We have a mutual respect towards each other that will always remain, but unprofessional & unethical behaviour in workplace cannot be accepted. I was harassed, humiliated and treated unfairly by a bully who couldn’t accept my professional growth due to ego issues.” read the press note of Vanitha.


“Not only men take advantage of women in workplace, women are worse to become jealous and try to destroy our opportunities. I am very busy with film work as lockdown almost came to an end you will
continue seeing me in my films and new shows on TV. It is heart breaking to see someone senior to you in every way and someone who has achieved working their hard way up, looks down at youngsters who are struggling their way up, insulting them and discouraging them.. Especially a single mom of 3 children who is achieving and succeeding with no family or husband support after a life long struggle.” she further said through her post.


“Women must stand by other women not make their life miserable.. it is sad bidding adieu.
BBJODIGAL and wishing all the other contestants best of luck.. Winning isn’t everything
participating and taking up the challenge is most important. Sorry #sureshchakravarty had to do what was right for me.. You had to quit the show because of me. But you are a true partner who stood by me professionally in my decision.” She ended.



Many speculated that Ramya krishnann could be the one whom Vanitha is mentioning in her press note and tweets. Now, while talking with a popular youtube channel, Ramya krishnan was asked to give her opinion about Vanitha’s decision. According to Cinema Vikatan, The “Padayappa” actress said “you should ask her what happened in the sets of BB jodigal.” and went on to add “This is not a big issue according to me. I don’t have a say in this and my answer would be ‘no comments'”. It is also reported that Vanitha got 1 out 10 marks from Ramya krishnan in a recent episode of the dance reality show.

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Source : Cinema Vikatan


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