Ramkumar Never Met Swathi In His Life !! “Justice For Ramkumar” Trending


A series of videos released by an individual named Dileepan Mahendran about the “Swathi murder case” in his youtube channel, has sent shock waves among public. His report suggests that Ram kumar never met Swathi in his life and was wrongly framed by Police officials. Dileep went on to accuse the family members of Swathi of “honour killing” the deceased for loving a youth who belong to a muslim community. Dileepan who arrested for igniting national flag in the past, said that the autopsy report of Ramkumar is contradictory and ruled out that there is no chance of Ramkumar getting himself killed.

Producing the videos of Swathi’s murder spot, Dileepan Mahendran pointed out how casual Santhanam, father of Swathi looked during the day when Swathi got murdered. He also pointed out how Swathi’s uncle captured the pictures of Swathi’s dead body in different angles. So far, the youth has released two long videos reporting about the murder case which became a point of discussion and caused the twitter trending “Justice For Ramkumar”. Dileepan Mahendran claims that he hacked the Face book accounts of Swathi and Ram kumar and says that they both had no link between each other.

S. Swathi was a 24-year-old Indian Infosys employee who was murdered on June 24, 2016, at the Nungambakkam railway station in Chennai, Tamil Nadu while she was heading to her office. Swathi was murdered in front of several people, with passengers remaining mute spectators. Ram kumar was accused of murdering Swathi and the Police reports said that he killed Swathi because she humiliated his looks when he approached her.

Dileepan Mahendran, in his report, producing the Whatsapp chats of Swathi and a youth named Bilal, says that they both were involved in an intimate relationship. Bilal who identifies himself as one of Swathi’s friends in front of media, was involved in a romantic relationship with Swathi, according to the video released by Dileepan Mahendran.

Titling his video as “Ramkumar Engira Rajakannu” in reference to the recently released “Jai Bhim” which talks about police torturing innocents in order to make them accept the crimes that they didn’t commit, Dileepan highlights Ramkumar not knowing Swathi at all. Dileepan says that Ramkumar searched Swathi through his face book account only a day after she died.

Dileepan expressed his suspicion over the family members of Swathi and claimed that they killed her due to her relationship with Bilal, a muslim youth. He produced a video of Swathi’s uncle declaring the death of Swathi as a “sacrifice” to the nation to the media. Strange activities of Swathi’s father and her uncle in the murder spot were also highlighted by Dileepan. He also mentioned about Swathi’s family’s request to chief minister to stop the investigation of their daughter’s death.

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Source : Dileepan Mahendran

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