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Bigg Boss contestant Raju’s statement comparing Suruthi with legendary actress Silk Smitha Created debate among the users of online platforms. Ever since Raju became one of the most loved contestants of the house, he came under scanner and each and every word he utters is being noted by the viewers of the show. Most recently, he grabbed headlines after asking Pavni whether she would allow him if he tries to take her coin while she was changing her clothes. Now, during a debate task on “rural” or “urban”, a comment made by Raju comparing Suruthi with Silk Smitha has created a discussion in Twitter.



With a set of people supporting Raju arguing that the aspiring actor has said it in a right manner, few could be seen criticizing him alleging that he objectifies Suruthi based on the clothes she wears. Raju who rose to fame after appearing as a student in Vijay TV’s serial “Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal”, went on to act in other serials as well. He played one of the leads in Kavin’s “Natpuna Enna nu Theriyumaa” and was playing “Kaththi” in “Naam Iruvar Namaku Iruvar” serial.

Raju identifies himself as one of the students of legendary filmmaker K Bhagyaraj and also worked with Director Nelson dileepkumar since his “Vettai Mannan” days. After entering Bigg Boss house as a contestant. Raju started winning hearts through his timing counters and mimicry abilities. He who formed as an entertainer inside the house, handles the problems he faces inside the house in a composed way. He got appreciated by Kamal Haasan for the way he approaches each and every contestant in the recent weekend episode.


Now, on the 25th day, contestants were parted into two groups and were asked to debate on which is best between “rural” and “urban”. During his turn, Raju argued that Suruthi forgot her native. “Every body got their rights to wear the clothes they like. Her clothes and attire looks good on her and she indeed looks beautiful like actress Silk Smitha. But only while talking with me, she tends to talk in a rural slang. But while talking with others she changes her slang and talks accordingly” Raju said.


Watch the video below :

“Due to that reason, I feel that she left her identity behind and entered this Bigg Boss house. If we take me as an example, people would easily find that I come from a village, no matter how much I make my self up. Madhumitha asked “Are you from village ?” right after meeting me. So I feel that she forgot her identity in this house, I don’t know about outside, don’t take my words in a wrong way” he added.

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The way Raju brought actress Silk Smitha in his speech created a debate among the online users who watch the show keenly. “Comparing Suruthi to a sex icon? look I have lots of respect for Silk, she was beautiful, talented, did her job well, but the industry sexualised her at a very young age, used her only as an object of men’s desire, so this is not a compliment. It’s creepy Raju.” a user commented whereas another one said “Dude just casually passed a comment that Suruti looks like Silk Smitha in modern dress. Don’t know what the hell that is suppose to mean”

Check out some of the reactions below :


Comment your views on Raju’s comparison and the reactions his comparison is receiving !!

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