Rajkiran’s Adopted Daughter Fell In Love With Serial Star !! Actor Responds

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Reputed actor Rajkiran reportedly broke his relationship with his adopted daughter after she fell in love with a serial star who is known for “Nadhaswaram” serial. The seasoned actor accused the serial star of a man with wrong intentions and didn’t like his daughter marrying him as a result of which he announced that he is breaking the relationship with his daughter.

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Named as Jeenath Priya, adopted daughter of the actor fell in love with an actor named Muneesh Raja and married him secretly as a result of which the “Pa Pandi” actor made a public statement saying that he is abandoning her. In a way of clarifying about the same to media and public, the actor came up with a statement saying that he has only one son named Thippu Sulthan Aka Nayinar Mohammed.

“I had an adopted daughter named Priya who belongs to Hindu community. To make her happy, I never introduced her to anyone as my adopted daughter and used to tell others that she is my own daughter” Rajkiran reportedly said to media while giving his clarification.


“After becoming her friend through facebook, the serial actor brainwashed her and made her say that she wants to marry him. After knowing about their relationship, I inquired about the actor and came to know that he is a cheap minded person and is willing to do anything for money” the “Sandakozhi” actor said.

“His intention is not to marry her and lead a happy life. He wants to get chances in cinema industry using my name and get money from me. I told about all this to my adopted daughter. She didn’t listen to what all I have said. Priya also said that she won’t identify herself as my daughter to anyone else” Rajkiran further stated.

“My wife requested her not to marry him against my will and made her accept to leave him. After nodding “Yes” to us, she went to Andhra to meet my wife’s friend Lakshmi Parvathi and didn’t return for four months. Now, reports ruining my reputation are doing rounds and the girl, to make her wishes to happen, accusing my wife” said Rajkiran through his Facebook post.

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“My wife is the only person who is standing in support of her. Even when I got angry, she pacified me and still supporting her” read the post of Rajkiran. “If my adopted daughter selected a qualified person for her as a partner, I would have get her married to him irrespective of caste and religion. My only regret is that she chose a person who will do anything for money” Rajkiran stated.

“Through this post, I want to state that if they approach you in any way using my name, I won’t be responsible for any kind of problem they cause” he said and went on to add “If they use my name, legal actions will be initiated. The serial actor could become her husband through his cunning mindset but can never become my son-in-law. No connection between my family and them from today. Honesty and Truth will always triumph” he concluded.

Check out the Facebook post of him below :

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