Rajasthan Tamizh Sangam Stretches Helping Hand For TN Neet Students : Full Details Including Contact Here !!


The Rajasthan Tamil Sangam, which is an association people from Tamil Nadu who are working and settled in Rajasthan, is extending help to NEET aspirants from TN whose exam centres are in that state.
Candidates from Tamil Nadu will have to travel more than 2,000km to reach their exam centres in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Tamil Sangam member S Muruganantham, 24, who is hailing from Salemand working for the Smart Cities project in Jaipur, told TOI over phone that the association would arrange pickup of NEET aspirants and their parents from railway stations, bus stands and airports, provide accommodation, local transport to exam centres and drop at the place from where they would return to Tamil Nadu after the test.

 “We don’t know the number of aspirants who will be coming here. Be it 50 or 200 or more, we are ready to help them. Up to 30 aspirants can be accommodated in our houses in Jaipur. We are also holding talks with hostels and lodges to accommodate aspirants in Jaipur and in the five other NEET centres in this state – Ajmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota and Udaipur,” he said.
He said the association had received calls from around 30 NEET aspirants and their parents and relatives.
For help, students and their relatives can contact association president Soundaranayagi (08696922117) and members Muruganantham (09790783187) and Bharathi (07357023549).


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