Rain In Chennai: As We All Preparing For That Deadly Summer Rain Comes As Out Of Syllabus.


As the residents of Chennai are already involved in the process of coping the Chennai’s very best friend , The Summer, abruptly Rain comes and left everyone with an awe. According to Skymet weather,  Chennai rains are all set to finally make a comeback over the city today. The state capital would get to see light to moderate rain and thundershowers on Saturday.

Sky has already became cloudy and rains are likely to make an appearance by the evening hours of yesterday. Weather conditions would remain conducive for rains to continue for another 24 hours.  The intensity of rains would be more on Saturday over Chennai than Friday.

the status of live lightning and thunderstorm across Chennai

These approaching showers are on account of multiple weather systems across Peninsular India. A north-south trough can be seen running from Telangana up to North Tamil Nadu. Besides this, an anti cyclone is seen over Bay of Bengal, which has been infusing moisture over the region.

Not only this, a low pressure area is in Arabian Sea. Although the system is far away from the coast to have direct impact but it has been definitely influencing the wind pattern.

With the beginning of March, we have entered into the pre-Monsoon season. This anti cyclone and trough is an indication to the onset of the season, said AVM GP Sharma, President- Meteorology and Climate Change, Skymet Weather.


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