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Rahul Gandhi’s Heart Winning Gesture Impressed Tamil Internet !! WATCH

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Rahul Gandhi’s Heart Winning Gesture Impressed Tamil Internet !! WATCH

Tamil nadu based twitter users went gaga over the recent video which showed former Congress President Rahul Gandhi taking part in a cooking video of the popular Tamil youtube channel Village Cooking Channel. He who participated in cooking “Mushroom Biriyani”, uttered the ingredients in Tamil and made the followers of the youtube channel happy. Rahul Gandhi also promised to fulfill the dream of the makers of the youtube channel which won the hearts of the followers.


Village cooking channel enjoys 70 lakh subscribers as of now. The paddy farmers and cooks who are running the youtube channel have managed to endear their village, Chinna Veeramangalam in Pudukottai district, to an international audience. V Subramaniam, V Murugesan, V Ayyanar, G Tamil selvan and T Muthumanickam are cousins and they are led by their grandfather and former caterer M Periyathambi.


The way they are organising their videos by making traditional south Indian recipes with so much enthusiasm and energy attracted millions of fans to an extent that it reached the chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress. As a part of his political campaign for the upcoming election, Rahul Gandhi who visited Tamil nadu, met the members of the Village cooking channel.

Rahul Gandhi, after visiting their place, joined them in cooking with their permission. The most heart warming part of the video is, Village Cooking Channel team members made Rahul Gandhi to utter the Tamil words of the ingredients such as “Vengayam”, “Thayir”, “Kal Uppu” in their own way. Rahul Gandhi displayed similar enthusiasm of the channel members in cooking “Kaalan Biriyani”.

After successfully cooking the dish, Rahul Gandhi sat down with them to eat. Before eating Rahul asked them what’s their ambition and came to know that they want to cook in the foreign countries such as USA, Thailand, Singapore, China, Malaysia. The former congress president promised them to organise things in Chicago, USA for them with the help of one Sam. Rahul also suggested them to cook in all the states of India.


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When one of the Channel members asked Rahul how the food tastes, Rahul replied saying “Nalla Irukku” in tamil. “I enjoyed the food very much as well. Excellent food.” said Rahul after eating and learned some of the Tamil words from the boys of Village cooking channel.

Watch the video below :

Video source : Village cooking channel

Users of Internet lauding the humble gesture of the leader who went all the way to meet Village cooking channel. “India deserves such chilled out leaders. Even the worst hater of congress can never hate this @RahulGandhi. Well done brother !” wrote one of a follower to appreciate Rahul Gandhi whereas another said “காலணியை கழட்டி விட்டு தரையில் அமர்ந்து சாப்பிடும் அந்த பண்பாடு… <3”

Check out some of such reactions below :


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