Raghuvaran’s Death Anniversary Made His Wife Rohini Emotional!!

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6 days ago

Raghuvaran, a legendary actor from Tamil film industry died on this day 15 years ago. Actress Rohini, the late actor’s wife came up with an emotional post in her official Twitter handle. In her tweet, Rohini said that this day started as a normal one in the year 2008 but changed her life forever. She mentioned that Raghuvaran would have loved this phase of Cinema and would have been happier as an actor too. Her tweet garnered wide reach among the users of the micro blogging social media site and many remembered the finest actor through their comments.

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Raghuvaran Velayutham who is widely  known as Raghuvaran among the fans of Kollywood film industry, was a highly acclaimed Indian actor who made a significant contribution to the film industry in South India. With over 200 movies to his credit, Raghuvaran was known for his unique style and voice modulation that set him apart from his contemporaries. He made his mark in the film industry through his powerful performances and versatile roles, which earned him widespread recognition and accolades.

In 1996, Raghuvaran married Rohini, and the couple was blessed with a son, Rishi Varan, in 2000. However, their marriage was short-lived, and they divorced in 2004. Despite personal challenges, Raghuvaran remained committed to his profession and continued to work on several film projects until his untimely demise.

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Sadly, Raghuvaran’s career was cut short when he passed away on 19 March 2008, due to organ failure caused by excessive alcohol consumption, according to

. His death came as a shock to the film fraternity and his fans alike, who mourned the loss of a talented actor. The filming of several of his projects, including the movie Kanthaswamy, was disrupted due to his sudden demise. The filmmakers were forced to reshot Raghuvaran’s portions with Ashish Vidyarthi, which led to a delay in the release of the film.

Raghuvaran’s posthumous film, Aatadista, was released shortly after his death, giving his fans a chance to see him on the big screen one last time. Despite his passing, Raghuvaran’s legacy lives on through his memorable performances in numerous films. His contribution to the film industry has left an indelible mark on the hearts of his fans and the film fraternity, making him one of the most beloved actors of South India.

Now, on the 15 year of death anniversary, actress Rohini uploaded a post in her official Twitter handle, remembering about her late husband. “March 19th 2008 started as a normal day but changed everything for me and Rishi. Raghu would have loved this phase of cinema so much and he’d have been happier as an actor too✨” read her tweet which was uploaded during the early hours of Sunday.
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Check out her tweet below :

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“No matter, whether it was yesterday, today, or tomorrow, Cinema would and will love him as an actor always” John Mahendran, director of actor Vijay’s “Sachien” said through his comment whereas a twitter user commented “True, he would have loved to be part of the current cinema. But it’ll be like cinema would have benefited more from him than the other way around”

Check out some of the reactions below :



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