Radha Ravi’s Comment On Udhayanithi & Nayanthara Created Controversy !!

Senior actor Radha ravi who is currently representing BJP party, once again made a derogatory comment against actress Nayanthara. He was expelled from DMK party after making a mean comment against the “Mookuthu Amman” actress in one of her movie launches. Now, after joining BJP, Radha ravi made a speech asking what is the connection between DMK and Nayanthara.

In the Kolayuthir Kaalam press meet that took place in the year 2019, actor Radha Ravi who is known for hundreds of films, said “Nayanthara has acted as a ghost and as goddess Sita as well. Earlier, K.R. Vijaya was the most popular choice to play the role of a goddess. Today, anyone can be cast to play a goddess. They can cast someone who you want to pray to when you look at them, they can also cast someone you want to call towards you when you see them,”

Here’s the video :

Reacting to this speech of the senior actor, Nayanthara released a press note condemning Radha Ravi and the people who clapped for his speech. Read : Nayanthara’s Official Statement Against Radha Ravi’s Misogynist Speech About Her !! Now, after two years, Radha Ravi, after joining BJP, made a comment on the issue.

“I have never talked about Nayanthara at all. But media blew it up as an issue by writing about it. I too accepted it on the flow. As soon as the news broke out on media, DMK started over reacting to it. They suspended me from the party and I announced that I will be leaving it permanently. The news came out on Sun TV as I gave an interview about it” Radha Ravi said.

He further asked what relationship DMK have with actress Nayanthara. “Is she works as a minister of propaganda for DMK. What could I do if Udhayanithi has a relationship with Nayanthara ? I’m just talking about their onscreen relationship” he asked and strred controversy.

Many users of social media platforms slammed the actor for making such derogatory statement against Nayanthara again.


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