Dr. PTR Shuts Down Famous Political Analyst Sumanth Raman!!

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CM / Updated: 2022-05-03
11:33 IST

A heated exchange took place between Tamil nadu’s finance minister Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan and famous political analyst Sumanth Raman in Twitter. Uploading a picture, Sumanth asked what’s exactly objectionable in the oath provided to students by Madurai Medical College. Reacting to the same, PTR uploaded a different set of points to highlight the objectionable oaths and said that the picture uploaded by Sumanth Raman was a false one.

Further when Sumanth Raman asked why PTR didn’t tag him in his reply to him, the financial minister replied back asking how long has he been using Twitter and said that quote tweeting someone will automatically tag him/her. Sumanth Raman replied saying that he is not as technologically sound as the finance minister.

First year students of prestigious Madurai Medical College were made to take the Maharishi Charak Shapath from a Sanskrit text instead of the conventional Hippocratic Oath in English, triggering a controversy, following which the Tamilnadu government transferred the institute’s dean and put him on waitlist.

The incident happened on Saturday with the presence of Tamil nadu finance minister Palanivel Thiagarajan and Commercial Taxes Minister P. Moorthy and the former immediately objected to the Sanskrit Oath amid the controversy that is floating in the state regarding the Union government imposing Hindi language across the country.

“I was quite shocked when I heard the new Oath. I always thought that the doctors took a Hippocratic Oath . In fact, I have been recommending politicians to take the same Oath” said the finance minister of the state.

Meanwhile, popular political analyst Sumanth Raman, in his official twitter handle, came up with a picture that contained a series of points of the Maharishi Charak Shapath Oath and asked what’s really objectionable in it.

Dr. PTR replied to the tweet with a different picture and highlighted the problematic points before saying “Well…where to start🤔 Oh wait, I know! How about with the fact that the picture you posted was NOT the oath taken at #MaduraiMedicalCollege !!! (Actual Oath attached) Try to check facts & retain some shred of dignity/integrity, instead of descending into total shamelessness! ” as his caption.

Reacting to the tweet, Sumanth Raman asked why he wasn’t tagged in the tweet. “Wonder why i wasn’t tagged on this post.Oh wait! I know why.
Because gist I put out is pretty much the same.What exactly is wrong in asking doctors not to be immoral?Or to work towards goals given by the teacher?Taking an oath to lead life of self control and piety is wrong?WOW”

However, PTR, in his reply, said that quote tweeting him will automatically tag him and asked whether he is ignorant or just faking. “How long have you been on Twitter?😯 Or rather using Twitter as a platform in a futile attempt to sate your insatiable quest for relevance? And you STILL don’t know that quote-tweeting AUTOMATICALLY Tags you? Really THAT ignorant🤦🏼‍♂️ Or just faking for your witless acolytes?” the minister’s reply read to which Sumanth replied back writing “I am not technologically as savvy as you sir. I did not go to US universities. My bad sir. I didn’t know this”

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