Promo Of Vijay TV’s New Serial Upsets Audience !!

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2 years ago

Promotional video of Vijay television’s new serial left the audience upset with condemnations pouring from all the directions of Twitter. Many expressed their displeasure over the 60 seconds long promo of the serial which is titled as “Thendral Vanthu Ennai Thodum”. The serial is going to be telecasted in the channel soon and the makers have made the short video to let their target audience know about it. Vijay Television is known among the television audience for the serials they are telecasting. “Bakkiyalakshmi”, “Pandiyan Stores”, “Bharathi Kannamma”, “Raja Rani” are some of the widely watched serials of the channel.



Through the recently released promo of the upcoming serial, we could understand that it is about the relationship between a thug who beats people for a living and a girl who returned from United States after completing her studies. Irrespective of their background, profession, caste and religion, a male and a female could lead a life together as per their wish, is something that we all are aware of. A particular part of the promo which irked the online users is, the way how the female lead romanticized the atrocious behaviour of the male lead, in the name of following Tamil “culture”.

The promo starts with a young girl (female lead) visiting a temple with her family members. An elderly woman who sees the girl, says “Dear Abinaya, despite of spending time at America for your studies, you look gorgeous in our traditional look”. Replying to her, Abinaya says “Do you think I would give up my tradition just because I have studied in a foreign country”.


In the mean time, a man enters the temple angrily and beats a groom who just married his love without the consent of their parents. He decides to remove the “Mangal Suthra” from the bride to undo the wedding that just happened. Abinaya who was watching all these, slaps him and confronts him saying that he has no rights to remove the “Mangal Suthra” as the wedding was done in front Goddess “Amman”.


To prove his point about tying a “Thaali” couldn’t be approved as wedding, the male lead forcefully drags the female lead and ties one to her without her consent and also applies a bindi on her forehead. The promo ends with a visual which shows the girl with a sad face, following him who is still looking angry.

Watch the video below :

The promo is being hated by the users of the micro blogging social media site for so many reasons. First comment of the promo which was dropped to shame the content garnered more likes than the promo. “Now they gonnaa show us this educated fellow seducing him rather than imprisoning him for a forced marriage/ marriage without consent.” wrote a twitter user to denote how regressive the promo is whereas journalist Subakeerthana tagged Vijay Television and wrote “What the fuck did I see? Stooping to a new low,”

Check out some of such reactions below :


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