Producer Ravindran Revealed The Actual Reason Behind The Arrest Of Kavin’s Family Members !! SHOCKING STATEMENTS !!

With 3 promos per day and a show time of 1 hour, Bigg Boss is keeping the netizens busy all the day. The behaviour of the contestants who participated in the show influencing people to talk about it in social media. As Kamal Haasan said in the initial promo video, people started to see themselves through the show.


Starting from Abhirami’s verbal spat with Madhumitha to Vanitha Vijayakumar’s re-entry, the show providing its own essence unlike other reality shows. Despite the rumour of being a scripted show, Bigg Boss manages to entertain the audience in daily basis.


Among all the contestants, Kavin who is one of the very well known contestants of the BIGG BOSS show for his appearance in serials before entering the house, has became the topic in social media platforms for not so good reasons. Kavin featured in one film as protagonist which was titled as “Natpuna Ennanu Theryuma” which didn’t go well in the box office.

Now the producer of the movie has talked about the recent sensational news about Kavin’s family members being jailed for 7 years for cheating people in chit fund. Ravindran firmly says that the family is completely innocent and framed against the family. He also informed that Kavin doesn’t know about the issue yet as his family requested the Television not to inform him. Ravindran says that they the family members of Kavin were completely trapped by few in this issue.



“He is not going to do much about the situation by coming out right now. After all the money he is earning by staying inside the house could help him to run the case. The only thing which would bother us might the nature of his behaviour inside the house, be it his relationship with Losliya or with others. People might slam the television of Kavin as they know about the fact of his family” said Ravindran in the interview.


Source : Nakkeeran

He even added that his Libra productions would stand by Kavin in this issue and would take care of his financial supports if needed. “I intentionally casted him in my movie only because I like him very much since “Saravanan Meenatchi”. Problem caused between me and Kavin only because of his immaturity. Because of his immaturity, a heroine, who is one of his closest friend opted out from my project which is being directed by Karu.Pazhaniyappan.” said Ravi in an earlier interview while talking about Kavin.


Reports says that the family members of Kavin haven’t paid back the money to any of the members who paid money in their chit fund and cheated Rs. 32,82,000 of them. The complaint was registered in Trichy economic crime division on 2007. The investigation started taking place since then.

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Last week, regarding the case, 31 people gave statements against the accused. After hearing the argument between both the prosecutions and the statements of 31 people, Judge Kirubakaran Madhuram passed Judgement on the case by sentencing 5 years of prison for all the accused and ordered to pay fine Rs.1000. Judge also ordered them to give 1 lakh each victim which would be Rs.55,10,000 including the interest since 2007. If they failed to pay the money, Judge ordered to confiscate the properties of the accused.


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