Priyanka Gandhi Getting Attacked For Her “Bikini” Comment On Hijab Issue !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-02-09
12:03 IST

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s tweet about girls wearing whatever they want became a subject to controversy with many online users who belongs to BJP party attacking the politician for her opinion. Reacting to the Hijab controversy that is taking place in state Karnataka, Priyanka Gandhi, on Wednesday, came up with a tweet saying that it is no matter whether it is a Bikini or Ghoonghat, Jeans or a hijab, it is women’s rights to wear what they want. She also added that this right is protected by the Indian constitution and wanted men to stop harassing women.


“Whether it is a bikini, a ghoonghat, a pair of jeans or a hijab, it is a woman’s right to decide what she wants to wear. This right is GUARANTEED by the Indian constitution. Stop harassing women. #ladkihoonladsaktihoon” read the tweet of the Congress politician.

As soon as the tweet surfaced in the micro blogging social media site, hashtag “Bikini” started trending in the micro blogging social media site with reactions trolling Priyanka Gandhi for the usage of “Bikini” in her tweet. For the pas weeks, shocking protests against college students rights to wear a hijab in classrooms have erupted in several towns in Karnataka’s Uduppi, Chikkamagaluru and Mandya districts.

“Tell me one girl Priyanka Gandhi ji who goes to SCHOOL in a bikini, ghoonghat or a pair of jeans! Pls lets talk facts! Issue is about SCHOOL uniform NOTHING else!” a twitter user replied to Priyanka gandhi’s tweet whereas another user dropped a picture ofgroup of girls wearing bikini and said that’s how students would attend classes if Priyanka becomes the country’s Prime minister.

Check out some of the reactions below :

Comment your views on the tweet uploaded by Priyanka Gandhi and the reactions it is receiving !!

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