Priyanka Chopra’s Awareness Post Went Completely Wrong !!

Actress Priyanka Chopra’s post regarding the awareness of Coronavirus went completely wrong as people accusing her for seeking publicity through that. The “Thamizhan” actress who enjoys more than 2 crore followers in Twitter posted a compilation video in which she can be seen greeting cameras with folded hands in various events. She posted the video, in a way of suggesting people not to shake hands as Coronavirus is spreading across the world.

“It’s all about Namaste. an old but new way to greet people in a time of change around the world. Please stay safe everyone!” the actress wrote as a caption. Here’s her post :

The effect of Coronavirus across the globe is threatening as the death poll is raising in daily manner. In India, many cases in different states were reported and the remedies are being taken against the deadly virus. The lethal disease has killed more than 3000 people in China and has spread to over 20 countries across the world. 13 people died in last 24 hours and 11 news cases reported, according to reports. The most shocking news about it is, that there were few cases reported in Tamilnadu as well. However, Tamilnadu’s health minister Dr.Vijayabaskar has posted a series of tweets to make sure people of Tamilnadu not to panic.

Though, the deadly disease is spreading widely, the post of Priyanka became a subject to trolling. Many of them said that the actress is doing it to gain fame. A journalist named as Sandhya trolled Priyanka by saying that she just played “Holi”. Check out some of their reactions below :

Here’s Priyanka’s Holi post :

Not only Priyanka, many other Indian and foreign icons suggesting others to follow Indian custom of greeting with Indian custom “Namaste”

Comment your views on this post of Priyanka Chopra and the reactions she received !!


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