Prakash Raj Reacted To This Hilarious Meme On Tomato Price Hike !!


Memes and trolls about the price hike between petrol and tomato are flooding the social media platforms in full swing for the past one week and 1 KG of tomato price went past the price of one litre petrol. On seeing himself involved in one of the memes, 5 times national award winning actor Prakash raj came up with a tweet in his official twitter handle. The actor who wanted to know who made the meme, said that he is “just asking” and garnered thousands of likes for his tweet with hundreds of reactions.

Retails tomato prices are at Rs. 80 per kg in most of the cities across the country and the rates have shot up to as high as Rs. 120 per kg in the states located in the south part of the country due to widespread rains. Netizens starting making jokes on the same saying that the tangy vegetables are perfect as a gift for newly weds during this wedding season and others trolled the same saying that petrol now has a stiff competition.

Memes, photoshop works and various kind of edits are being made by netizens. “guys, it’s ‘tomato’ whose prices are rising, please don’t write 1-star reviews for us 😅🙏” official twitter handle of Zomato uploaded a post trolling the Tomato price hike whereas another uploaded a post showing Tomato and Petrol having a race.

Here’s some of the memes :

Meanwhile, a meme surfaced referring to a scene of Suriya’s “Singam”. It was made in a way of tomato humiliating petrol for being sold for highest price by having Prakash Raj and Suriya in the template. On seeing the meme, Prakash Raj himself came up with a tweet asking who made the meme. “Who did this …#justasking” his tweet read.

Check out his tweet below :

Check out some of the reactions for this tweet of Prakash Raj below :


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