Pornhub Wished For Independence Day With A “JAI HIND” & Provides A Huge Offer For India !!

CM / Updated: 2018-08-15
20:35 IST

Today is Independence Day that is August 15. And it is something that Pornhub, world’s biggest adult video streaming site, is trying to cash in on. The site is offering its Indian visitors premium membership for one week absolutely free of cost. In a banner that Indian visitors are going to see on Pornhub today, the site says, “Jai Hind! One free week.”


Clicking on the banner sends users to a page from where they can start their one-week premium membership trial. The page also lists benefits of premium membership and how the whole thing, which is the Pornhub Premium works and how much it will cost after a week.

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The idea it seems is to turn Indian users who visit Pornhub to premium subscribers. And Pornhub gets millions and millions of visitors from India. Even if a small portion of them opt for the “free week” — how will you resist Jai Hind, eh? — and then even if another small portion of those visitors end up turning paying members, Pornhub could get good subscription revenue.


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This is not the first time an adult video website has aimed its sights on the Indian users. In India there are over 300 million web users now and consequently Indians are among one the group of users who often frequent adult videos sites. In 2014, when Xvideos found itself blocked just months after the new government came to power, the website had reached out to its Indian users through Twitter, telling Indians to vote wisely next time.

While retweeting a story on the ban filed by a British newspaper, the site said, “Porn ban in India / XVideos blocked… vote better next time!”

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In 2016, Pornhub had revealed that India was fourth in its list of countries from where it got highest number of visitors that year. Interestingly, at least for that year, among the Indian visitors the percentage of women was higher than the global average. According to Pornhub, Indian women beat the global average when it came to watching porn in 2016 with 30 per cent of total Indian visitors to the site being women. Globally, this figure was 26 per cent.

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