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Popular Tamil Movie Reviewer Prashanth Tested Positive For COVID 19 !!

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Popular Tamil Movie Reviewer Prashanth Tested Positive For COVID 19 !!

Prashanth Rangaswamy, one of the most popular youtube movie reviewers of Tamil cinema tested positive for COVID 19 and updated about it through his official twitter account. As soon as he disclosed about himself getting infected to the virus, celebrities of Kollywood film industry and his followers wished him a speedy recovery. Popularly known as “it is Prashant” the film reviewer is known for the way he is reviewing Tamil movies.


Having 6 lakh plus subscribers for his youtube channel “Tamil cinema review”, Prashant involved himself in garment business amidst the COVID 19 crisis. He was seen advertising his products through his Twitter account where he his enjoying 5 lakh plus followers. He also did minor roles in a number of Tamil films. His collaboration with comedian cum hero Santhanam is highly expected in the upcoming film “Dikkilona”.


Now, on Monday morning, Prashanth came up with a tweet saying that he got infected with the virus which affected 70 lakh people in the country so far. He said that he got admitted to the hospital few days back and it is all fine now. He hoped to get discharge in few days. “Covid positive . Got admitted to a hospital few days back. All fine now. Should be out of the hospital in few days” his tweet read.

Further he shared a news link and created awareness among the people on how important it is to get admitted to the hospital on time.

While replying to a follower, Prashanth revealed the symptoms he had before getting admitted to the hospital. “Had heavy head spinning , fever and blood not flowing through the veins bro. So, got myself admitted and checked for the virus and it was there.” he said.


Prashanth also revealed that he was helping his grandmother who got affected with the virus which caused him the infection. “There was no one to help and she was unable to do even basic things. You cannot run away from duties like that , trying to be safe.” he said in his reply tweet to a follower who questioned how he got infected.

Many Tamil cinema celebrities including actress Manjima Mohan, actor Bharath, actor Natti, music director Sam CS wished him for a speedy recovery. Check out some of their replies below :


The movie reviewer’s last tweet said that he is going to finish watching all the good movies during his recovery period. Let us wish him for a speedy recovery !!

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