Popular Tamil Actress’s Father Robbed At Knifepoint !!

Despite the struggle caused by Coronavirus across the country, many felt grateful to the disease as the number of crimes reduced in the country since the pandemic. The number of crimes such as harassment against women, murders and theft cases reported in a less number comparing to normal days. Country India is under lockdown for nearly straight 50 days, result of which many cases of domestic violence against women reported to Police. Now, to our shock, two robbers snatched a phone of a popular actress’s father by threatening him by showing a knife.

Meera Chopra who is popularly known among tamil audience as Nila, came up with an allegation saying that her father was robbed by two thieves. She acted in films such as Anbe Aaruyire with SJ Surya, Marudhamalai with Arjun and Lee with Sibiraj. After few cameo appearances in Tamil, the actress started concentrating in Bollywood films. It is notable that the actress is a cousin sister of Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra who are known for their works in Bollywood industry.

Reacting to the robbery, Meera took to twitter and informed Delhi police. She expressed her disappointment by writing “my dad was taking a walk in #policecolony. 2 guys came in a scooter, showed knife and snatched his phone. This is how safe you claim delhi to be.”

She tagged delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi police in her tweet. Check out her tweet below :

Replying to her tweet, Delhi police asked her to be precise on contact details and location to which the actress said that she will send it in personal chat.

Further, she thanked the police officers for their “quick action”. “Makes me proud when we feel protected by our police department. Its never abt what has been snatched but protecting our elders is most important! Respect” she wrote in her tweet.

The actress is currently busy in spending quarantine time by singing and posting pictures of her throwbacks in Instagram. It is really glad to see police officials responding to public in social media platforms and acting appropriately regarding the complaint.


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