Popular Journalist Panimalar’s Take On Men Sending Nu*es In Social Media !!

Panimalar Panneerselvam is a popular journalist who worked in various television channels. Known for her bold opinions, Panimalar has a separate set of followers for her tweets. Having more than 40,000 followers in the micro blogging social media site, Panimalar is very much interactive with her followers.

Recently, she came up with a series of tweets explaining how she feels when a man sends his nude picture to a girl thinking that she would fall for her by seeing that. The tweets which is receiving huge amount of positive response from the users of twitter, exposes the cheap mentality of men who sends their clothless pictures to random girls in social media, only to embarrass them.


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Panimalar said that women feel no emotion other than “disgust” while seeing such pictures. Social media is a place filled with equal amount of positivity and negativity. Some people use it to create awareness, showcase their talent, kill time and to gain knowledge as well. But few would see ways to spew hatred, harass random girls, send abusive texts through the medium. The tweet of Panimalar and the reactions it is receiving ripped the latter apart.

“I can’t understand the psychological mindstate of men who sends their naked pictures. If you guys are thinking that girls would fall for that, sorry brothers, we feel nothing but “disgust”. I have read that women were not created in a way to get attracted to a man’s body structure (Exceptions may exist).” said Panimalar in her tweet to make men realize the real state.

“We know that Masculinity of a man doesn’t depend on a particular body part. Beyond that we are witnessing men who proves themselves as real men through their activities in daily basis. We are not getting committed to them in a romantic relationship or in a physical relationship. In that case, you are not even near to close in getting our attention. Only Discipline and Good habits could attract someone, not indecency” she said in her tweet which received more two thousand likes so far. The tweet thread is being widely shared as well.


Check out the series of tweets she posted below :

To one of her follower who said that not everyone is like that, Panimalar made it clear that she doesn’t mention every men.

Earlier to the men who stalked her Instagram inbox by asking her to send her semi nude pictures, North Indian actress Aanchal Agarwal found a new way to stop them. She captured the screenshot of their message and her reply and posted it in her accounts to make everyone realize what would happen if anyone tries to harass her in inbox. (Read : Actress Continues To Expose Online Harassers !!)


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Camilla ki taange.

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It is high time for men to stop harassing women in social media accounts by sending their nudes, instead of getting exposed !!


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