Popular Actress Questioned Archana For Calling Som As “Mama” !!

Veteran actress Sripriya who is known for pairing up with Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth, along with several other twitter users, called out Archana as she dubbed her co-contestant Somashekar as “Mama” when he conveyed a message to Rio on behalf of Anitha. Many people questioned the way Archana is ill treating Soma shekar in the name of expressing affection right from the beginning of the show.

Archana entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card contestant. On the 71st day of the reality game show, Rio and Anitha had a brief argument over an incident that took place last week. Anitha accused Rio of involving in favouritism while choosing the boring contestant of the week and the latter completely denied it. They continued arguing over the issue till the nomination process of this week. The argument got elevated to the next level once Anitha said that Rio is leaving the spot abruptly as he didn’t have to guts to face her.

Later, as the issue was not resolved between the duo, Anitha asked Somashekar to call Rio to talk with him. When Som conveyed it to Rio, Archana who was present there, asked Som whether he is a “Mama”. “I talked with Anitha and she wants to talk to you when you are free” said Som to Rio to which Archana could be heard responding “Oh, so you are the messenger ?? Are you a “Mama” ?”

“I don’t understand what you are trying ? You are a solo player” Archana said to Som. On seeing this, actress Sri Priya who is following the show since the beginning, posted a tweet questioning “Do people who convey message are “Mama”??

“தூது போகிறவர் எல்லாம் மாமாவா?” her tweet read to which former Bigg Boss contestant Kasthuri replied writing “அனுமன் வகையறா னு சொல்லாம விட்டார்களே”

Here’s the reply of Kasthuri :

Sri Priya with Kamal Haasan

Actor Shivakumar who is also analysing the show since last season, expressed his disagreement with the behaviour of the TV anchor. He also slammed Somashekar for not reacting to it.

Many other users of Twitter who watch the show slammed Archana for humiliating Som. They also pointed out how she behaved when Rio patched up with Anitha. “No one illtreats Som in the house like Bossy Archana does. Teases him very nastily everytime he has an interaction outside lovebed gang. Today she has gone overboard by calling him “ni enna mama va” avalukaga ni pesa vandhurka.” a follower wrote.

Check out some of such reactions below :


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