Popular Actor & Vijay’s Close Friend Reacted To Meera Mitun’s Atrocity !!

Former Bigg Boss contestant Meera Mitun has been making baseless allegations against actors Vijay and Suriya for past few weeks. She said that they both are the product of Nepotism and involving verbal spat with the fans of the actors in Twitter. Now, actor, TV host and closest friend of actor Vijay, Sanjeev Venkat reacted to the issue by asking fans to “Ignore Negativity”.


Lately, Meera Mitun released a video threatening the fans of actors Vijay and Suriya to defame the wives of the actors which created huge outrage among the fans. Online users demanded Suriya and Vijay to file a defamation case against Meera Mitun for her derogatory comments about their personal lives but a set of fans wants them to ignore Meera Mitun as she is expecting them to react in order to gain wider fame.

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In the video, Meera Mitun said that she will slut shame the wives of actors Suriya and Vijay if their fans abuse her with “T” word. “If I talk about any of my achievements or about my upcoming projects through my tweet, I have been constantly witnessing reply comments cursing me as “Thevdiya”. They are also using words related to that to curse me.” said Meera Mithun in the video who went to talk about Sangeetha and Jyothika.

“Will you guys keep mum if I abuse Sangeetha or Jyothika with the same word ? Jyothika also came from the same cinema film industry. She made an entry by begging her elder sister Nagma. I will also reveal about Vijay’s wife Sangeetha who lived in London. If fans of actors Vijay and Suriya kept abusing me that way, I will sult shame both of them in my every tweet. Don’t question me on that if I do so” she said in her video.


She also said that she will take strict actions against Cyber bullying and cyber crime once she becomes Chief minister of Tamil nadu. Watch the video here :

This tweet created huge outrage among the fans of the actors Meera Mitun mentioned. The amount of abusive comments increased in vast number after this video of Meera Mitun surfaced. On seeing the model constantly defaming his dear friend, Sanjeev Venkat who is known for acting with Vijay in movies such as “Badri”, “Pudhiya Geethai”, “Nilave Vaa” posted a tweet quoting Vijay’s popular saying “IGNORE NEGATIVITY”

Check out his tweet here :

Sanjeev also sharing screen space with Vijay in the most awaited upcoming film “Master”. However, on seeing this tweet from Sanjeev, fans couldn’t hold their nerves as most of them can be seen commenting that they will teach a lesson to Meera Mitun.

Check out some of their reactions below :


Days ago Sanjeev contacted Vijay through video call and uploaded the screenshot of it only to make the fans of the actor go gaga. Now, on seeing this tweet from Sanjeev, fans are speculating that the news on this twitter controversy could have reached Thalapathy.


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