Popular Actor Got Trolled For His Statement About “Brahmins”!!

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2 months ago

Popular movie reviewer cum actor and television anchor Baskar who is widely known as “Motta” Baaski became a subject to severe online troll for a statement he made about “Brahmin” community. The film and television celebrity said that it is the “Supreme” community in the world and suggested his fellow Brahmins to stay united through his speech.

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The speech was made at the Thambraas Coimbatore Conference, presumably during three weeks ago. In the viral video which is doing rounds in social media platforms, Baski says that “Brahmins” and “Bramma” sounds similarly and it indicates that people who belong to Brahmin community are best in creative fields.

“For creativity, they would refer to lord “Bramma”. Best brains in the world is here and I would say that there is no big difference between “Brahmins” and “Bramma”. Brahmin community is known for creativity and it’s the Supreme community in the world. There’s no doubt about it” Baski said during his speech.

Full speech here :

Further, he went on to mention about a casual banter that would take place between himself and his wife about the difference between “Iyer” and “Iyengar”. Baski said that they would argue about which one is superior in a friendly way. ” It would go in a friendly way. I would never fight with her because I feel that we should never fight with each other by being most brilliant brains in the world ” he further said and went on to add “we shouldn’t have less unity between us”.

Watch video :

Check out some of the reactions his speech received below :


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