Police Superintendent ill-treating The Suspects !! Video Gone Viral!

CM / Updated: 2023-03-28
13:58 IST

Police Superintendent from different parts of Tamil Nadu A shocking case of custodial torture has come to light in Ambasamudram police division in Tamil Nadu, where at least 10 young men have alleged that Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Balveer Singh IPS had brutally tortured them. The victims claimed that Singh used cutting pliers to remove their teeth and in some cases, even crushed their testicles. The allegations have sparked outrage and protests from various political outfits, demanding action against the ASP.

Police Superintendent Balveer Singh
Police Superintendent Balveer Singh

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According to reports, the victims were arrested for offenses such as a clash over a love affair, money lending, breaking CCTV cameras, and a marital dispute. One police personnel who was present during the alleged torture stated that the intelligence unit had known about Singh’s behavior from the beginning. He lamented that if the matter had been brought to the attention of higher officials earlier, some of these youngsters would have been saved.

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In a video shared with TNIE, one of the victims named Chellappa alleged that Singh had damaged his teeth using blue metal, beaten him and his two brothers at the Ambasamudram police station earlier this month. Chellappa claimed that Singh changed into shorts and donned gloves before torturing them. He further alleged that the ASP had filled his mouth with stones and beat his face. Chellappa’s brothers and relatives were also reportedly beaten, and their teeth were removed with cutting pliers. One of his brothers lost three teeth, and they were all left with oozing blood.

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Chellappa also claimed that when he begged Singh not to beat his newly married brother Mariappan, the ASP crushed his testicles with his left hand and kicked him on his chest. Mariappan has been so traumatized by the attack that he has been unable to leave his bed and can only have some juice once a day as he is unable to eat. Chellappa further alleged that Singh had broken the teeth of six persons from their side and two persons from the other group. They were all made to sit in their underwear as they were thrashed with a lathi. Singh reportedly threatened them to tell the judicial magistrate that they were injured when they fell off their bike or from a coconut tree, and they complied fearing the safety of their female relatives.

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Another victim also alleged that Singh had beaten him as he did not cooperate while he removed his teeth, and the teeth of his two friends were also removed. The allegations have prompted Tirunelveli Collector KP Karthikeyan to order an inquiry to be conducted by the sub-divisional magistrate-cum-sub-collector of Cheranmahadevi, as per police standing order. The Tirunelveli SP P Saravanan said an official probe had been ordered by the Collector.

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Balveer Singh

Here is the video :

The allegations have sparked protests from various political outfits, including Nethaji Subash Sena and Puratchi Bharatham, who are demanding action against the ASP. Advocate Maharajan of Nethaji Subash Sena has charged that Singh had removed the teeth of about 40 persons in his division so far, though TNIE has not been able to independently verify this claim. He demanded that Singh be dismissed and arrested for his actions.

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Affected People

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His case has once again raised concerns about custodial torture in India and the need for stricter laws to prevent such incidents. The alleged brutality of the police officials is a violation of human rights, and the victims have the right to justice and compensation. It is imperative that the authorities conduct a fair and impartial investigation and take appropriate action against those found guilty. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the need to hold law enforcement officials accountable for their actions and ensure that custodial torture is eradicated from our society.

Watch video here :

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