Cops Made 7 Arrests Against Celebrities Who Are Involved In “Wife-Swapping” !!

A shocking report on a social media group that consists more than 2000 members actively involving in “swapping wives” to find “pleasure” surfaced and Police officials are making arrests after investigating regarding the same. In the preliminary investigation, cops have found that some of the important celebrities who belong to Tamil nadu and Goa are involved in the heinous crime of forcing women to have intercourse with strange men.


It all started after a 27 year old woman who belong to Karukachal area of Kottayam district, Kerala approached Police station with her brother to make a shocking complaint against her husband. In her complaint, the woman alleged that her husband is forcing her to have intercourse with strangers whom he invites to home. The husband threatened the wife to kill the children and also to commit suicide if she fails to accept his demands and made her have sexual intercourse with 8 members so far, according to the complaint filed by the woman.

The woman said that she decided to file a police complaint after the level of his harassment reached beyond limit. Police officials arrested the woman’s husband and investigated him as a result of which they came know about a large gang which is actively involved in finding “pleasure” by “swapping their wives”. The Police arrested 6 more members after investigating the husband.

The members of the gang created groups in social media applications such as Whatsapp and Telegram and swapped their wives to have “pleasure”, according to News 18. Police found that the group contains more than 2000 members including married couples and individuals.

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Initially, it was said that people who belong to Allapey, Kottayam and Ernakulam are actively using the whatsapp group but now, it has been reported that people from Tamil nadu and Goa are also actively taking part in he group. Important personalities including cinema celebrities have joined the group, says News 18. Cyber Crime have started investigating the whereabouts of the members who are involved in the group and about how they came to know about it.

According to a statement of a wife of an accused, she got married to her husband in the year 2013. He who went to UAE due to business commitments, returned to Kerala during the year 2018. The wife confessed that her husband tortured and threatened her to have sexual intercourse with others ever since returning from UAE. The group was very much active even during the COVID 19 pandemic through social media platforms, says report. Members of this group never opted for hotel rooms and are involved in swapping wives only by inviting others to their own houses, as per the report updated by News 18.

Source : News 18 



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