Police Officers Burnt 13 Crore Worth “Ganja” For This Reason !! CHECK OUT !!


“Cannabis” commonly called as “Ganja” in India was consumed by 7.2 million people within past year according to the study conducted by All India Institutes of Medical Sciences in this year.

A recent report suggests that the rural police of Visakhapatnam has destroyed a huge stock of “Ganja” around 63,878 kg of the contraband on Friday. The Ganja stock which was worth of Rs. 13 crore, was seized in 455 smuggling cases in the last 10 years in all the 13 police stations in the district. The ganja was packed in hundreds of gunny bags and was carried in several trucks and vans from across the district from various police stations to be burnt. It was did to get rid of the banned material.

Before lighting it up, police officers reportedly weighed each and every bag. The ganja was destroyed in accordance with court orders in the presence of the Drug Disposal Committee members, which included Deputy Inspector General (Visakha Range) L.K.V. Ranga Rao, Superintendent of Police (Visakhapatnam Rural) Attada Babujee, and Deputy Commissioner (Prohibition & Excise) T. Srinivasa Rao.

Mr. Ranga Rao, the drug disposal committee member reported to the reporters that it is the single-largest destruction of Ganja in that district so far.

“Last year, we destroyed 43,341 kg of ganja. Many ganja smugglers have been encouraging farmers in interior areas to take up ganja cultivation. The government is creating awareness among the farmers to switch over to profitable alternative crops,” Mr. Ranga Rao said.

Mr. Babujee said that among the 455 cases, 91 cases were reported from G. Madugula Police Station (PS) limits, 89 cases from Paderu limits, 69 from Rolugunta, 39 from Kothakota and 22 each from Hukumpeta and Munchingputtu police stations.

For the fourth time since February, Ganja has been destroyed in large quantity by the officials. Previously, 11,493, 7,637, 43,341 kilograms of Ganja were destroyed in February, March. August respectively. Report also says that police have sold 196 vehicles in auction which were caught in 186 smuggling case.


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