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9 months ago

IPS Officer Vijayakumar, on Saturday, shared a video in his twitter timeline that showed a police official single handedly taking control over a man who was carrying a machete and tried to harm him. Though the details about the incident is unknown, through the post shared by Vijayakumar IPS, it could be understood that the incident took place in state Kerala. The police officer who saved himself and others from the suspect, is receiving laurels from all over the internet.

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IPS Officer Vijaya kumar

The video shows a ma wearing blue shirt, in his two wheeler, trying to mave from the police. The Police car stops near him and the police officer gets down from it only to face the blue shirt who already took his weapon out from his bike. When he tries to swing the sharp machete at the police officials, the officer who took a step back initially, started confronting him.

At a point, after falling down, the police officer took control over the accused and grabbed the weapon from him. Handing over the weapon to his accomplice, the police officer made him board the vehicle to take him into the custody instead of hurting him physically. To the contrast, the men who were standing nearby, started hurting the accused. However, the police officer saved the accused from the beatings and took him to his custody.

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Sharing the 70 seconds long video, Vijayakumar IPS, in his twitter timeline, said “kudos to the brave police officer. In the service of the Society/ Nation. #Police #Courage #Kerala” as his caption.

Check out his post below :

The video garnered 25k plus likes in no time with reactions appreciating the brave act of the police officer who arrested the accused and saved him from the mob lynching irrespective of his life. “The way COP protected the accused from getting beatings from mob was the ultimate policing work…. Thousands of heart to the COP…” a twitter user said whereas another one wrote “Immense Respect to him, can see him frightening at first but then he judged correctly to defend himself and snatch the weapon. Also he is seen stopping the other guy from hitting him, He respects the law of the land. Great Act of bravery, he should be acknowledged for his bravery”

Check out some of the reactions below :


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