Police Mistakenly Beats Doctor For Coming Out !! Video Goes Viral

Video of a traffic police beating a man who identifies himself as doctor is going viral in social media platforms with various kind of reactions. As Prime Minister announced 21 days lockdown across the country, citizens are very much keen in following it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced 21 days of lockdown in the entire country to prevent the deadly coronavirus from spreading across the nation. Yesterday, a video of a traffic police officer begging people not to come out of their respective houses. However, still people roaming in streets since yesterday morning. Several videos of them getting beaten by police across the country are surfacing in Internet constantly. 

Now, among several videos, a six seconds video of police beating a guy who identifies himself is also going viral. To teach those who are roaming around without knowing the seriousness of this virus a lesson, police officers implemented lathi charge which is evident through the videos that are going viral in social media platforms.

coronavirus agencies 2

In this particular video, this guy who is sitting in his scooty, is also wearing a safety mask to avoid getting infected. After getting a severe hitting from the police officer, the guy can be be heard saying “Sir Nan Doctor Sir Naanu”

Watch the video below :

After hearing what he said, Police officer regrets by questioning back why he didn’t inform it before. This video is being widely shared in social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Though many laughed on seeing the video, few raised question against the police officer as well. Check out some of them below :

Being precautionary is the only way we can save this world right now. Implementing safety measurements will save not only us and our loved ones but also the entire society we live in. Right from political icons to cinema celebrities, everyone are suggesting people to stay at home by washing hands 10 times a day due to the threat of the deadly virus Corona. But only due to few people violating the orders of government, unfortunate incidents are taking place.

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