Police Arrested TTF While Trying To Escape ?? WATCH

A report emerged saying that famous moto vlogger TTF Vasan got arrested by Sulur Police officials after he tried to leave to Bengaluru. Polimer news channel uploaded a video of the youtuber getting arrested asking whether this is the “Power” he mentioned in his video. The video showed the youtuber trying to pose for the picture in his own style and the Police official could be heard saying “Villangatha Vilaikku Vaangatha da”

According to ABP Live , Vaasan tried to escape from the state to Bengaluru and Sulur Police officials arrested him. They released him after an investigation, says reports. In the video that is doing rounds in social media platforms, TTF Vasan’s super bike was seen being parked in front of the Police station. He was asked to pose for a picture with a cop and his bike in order to issue it to the media and the youtuber tried posing in his own style.

However, the cop warned him to stay polite saying “Don’t go be buying problems at your own expense”

watch the video below :

Followed by the two cases that were filed against moto vlogger cum youtuber TTF Vasan by Pothanur police station, Coimbatore, recently three more cases filed against the youngster by the officials of Sulur Police station. Reports suggested saying that the 22 year old is in trouble as a total of 5 cases were imposed against him.

It all started after Vasan released a video with his fellow youtuber GP Muthu. In the video, Vasan drove his super bike in 150 KMPH speed which caught the attention of public. Earlier, D 3 police station filed TTF Vasan under section 276 of Indian Penal Code and 184 of Motor vehicle act. Now, three more cases were filed against him by Sulur Police station.


Earlier, Pothanur police station of Coimbatore district, released a press note stating that the individual booked under relevant sections for riding vehicle in a careless way causing danger to the lives of others.

Days ago, Vasan released a video in his youtube channel, giving clarification about the video he released with GP Muthu, another youtuber and social media icon. Vasan said that he did the video only to make fun and cure the depression of youngsters and requested the media channels to go easy on him.

TTF Vaasan, a youtuber who enjoys 3.2 million followers for his youtube channel, grabbed the attention of the mainstream online users after celebrating his birthday with 8000 plus followers of him in Chennai. After uploading the birthday celebration video that last 30 plus minutes, TTF Vasan became a subject to the attention of mainstream media as media portals such as Sun news covered a piece about his birthday celebration.

Vaasan also released a video in KGF style to issue a warning to media channels. “It feels like saying that news channels are playing with me without knowing my power, but I won’t. I am not afraid of news channels and I am not afraid of anyone” he said.


“There is limit for everything. You are breaching all the limit. We all youtubers will unite together to expose what you are doing if this continues. Don’t spread fake news hereafter. If you ask me whether I am sending a threat, I am not. A small suggestion to all the youtubers, these news channels have destroyed many youtubers such as Madan OP, Irfan’s views and myself. They are doing this to gain views by using us. So be careful” he further said.


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