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PM Modi Quoted Tamil Poem Of Bharathiyar !! Video Goes Viral

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PM Modi Quoted Tamil Poem Of Bharathiyar !! Video Goes Viral

Prime minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the nation on the occasion of 145th birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, quoted a long poem of Tamil poet Maghakavi Bharathiyar and impressed the people of Tamil nadu. The way he uttered the long poem without help, is being lauded by the people of Tamil nadu. He said the popular poem of the legendary poet which starts as “மன்னும் இமயமலை எங்கள் மலையே . . “


On Saturday, Prime minister Narendra Modi paid floral tributes to Sardar Vallabhai Patel, India’s first home minister, at at the 182-metre tall Statue of Unity here on his 145th birth anniversary. It is notable that Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s birth anniversary is being celebrated as “Rashtriya Ekta Diwas” (National unity day) since the year 2014.

Prime minister Narendra Modi

Prime minister Narendra Modi, whose two-day Gujarat visit started on Friday, reached the Statue of Unity at Kevadiya in Narmada district this morning and offered flowers at the feet of the monument of Sardar Patel. In the important occasion, Modi slammed the opposition parties for their stand on the Pulwama attack last year, saying the Pakistan minister’s revelations earlier this week in that country’s parliament had exposed the opposition’s real face.

“Today when I was watching the parade of officers, an image emerged in my mind… this image was of Pulwama attack. The country can never forget that when India was mourning the death of its sons… some people were not a part of that grief. They were looking for selfish gain in the Pulwama attack”.


In a sensational admission, senior Pakistan minster Fawad Chaudhry admitted that his country was responsible for the Pulwama terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir in 2019 that killed 40 CRPF personnel and brought two countries to the brink of war. In his speech, Modi slammed the opposition parties by saying that the truth of the incident revealed in the Pakistani parliament has exposed them.

Subramania Bharathi

Meanwhile, he quoted the popular Tamil poem of Subramania Bharathi who was a Tamil writer, poet, journalist, Indian independence activist and social reformer. He quoted his poem that starts as “மன்னும் இமயமலை . . “ and gave explanation for it in Hindi language.

Watch the video below :

Credites : Ramesh Honey Kumar


Here’s the poem uttered by Prime minister Narendra Modi :

“மன்னும் இமயமலை எங்கள் மலையே;
மாநிலமீததுபோல் பிறிதில்லையே!

இன்நறு நீர் கங்கை ஆறு எங்கள் ஆறே;
இங்கிதன் மாண்பிற்கு எதிர் ஏது வேறே?

பன்னரும் உபநிட நூல்எங்கள் நூலே;
பார்மிசை ஏதொரு நூலிது போலே!

பொன்னொளிர் பாரத நாடெங்கள் நாடே;
போற்றுவம் இதை எமக்கில்லை ஈடே!”

The way Prime minister Narendra Modi gave importance to Tamil language and Tamil poet, is being lauded by the people of the Tamil speaking state. This gesture from the Prime minister amidst the furore that took place due to Hindi imposition, was welcomed wholeheartedly by Tamil people.

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