PM Modi Faced The Heat For Repealing The Laws Ahead Of Elections !!


On Friday, Prime minister Narendra Modi announced that the three controversial farm laws at the heart of massive farmer protests across the country for over a year will be withdrawn with Uttar Pradesh and Punjab elections are just three months away. The announcement was made on the special occasion of Guru Purab festival, when Sikhism founder Gurunanak’s birthday is celebrated across the country.

While addressing to the nation, The Prime minister said “Maybe something was lacking in our tapasya (efforts), which is why we could not convince some farmers about the laws. But today is Prakash Parv, not the time to blame anyone. Today, I want to tell the country that we have decided to repeal the three farm laws,” and went on to add “In the Parliament session starting in the end of this month, we will complete the process of repealing the three laws,”

Initially, Modi defended the laws saying that it only meant as reforms, mainly for small and marginal farmers in the country. “Whatever I did was for farmers. What I am doing is for the country.”Modi said. It is very well know that thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan have been camping outside Delhi since November 2020. They termed the farm laws as “black” law and demanded the government to withdraw it.

The BJP party has faced severe anger from the northern states which they cannot afford due to the upcoming elections, including the 2024 national polls. Now, as soon as the announcement were made, people from across the country expressed their happiness. Few even criticized Modi saying that he cancelled the laws due to the upcoming election. Celebrities and politicians who belong to state Tamil nadu, has also expressed their opinions about the PM’s announcement. However, a large amount of reactions pouring in Internet criticizing Modi for making such announcement just to win the upcoming elections.


“pls don’t say #Farmlaws repeal was done in National interest. That means passing them was not in National interest. Isn’t that a huge self goal?Best is to spin it as Govt listening to voice of people, showing flexibility even with a majority, compassionate Govt etc” political analyst Sumanth raman said whereas journalist Sonia came up with a tweet writing “The announcement was not made when the farmers protested for 11 long months or when 700 people died. Now, as election is approaching” to criticize Modi.

Check out some of such reactions below :


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