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“Plip Plip” Annatthe Roast Video Faces The Wrath Of Internet !!



“Plip Plip” Annatthe Roast Video Faces The Wrath Of Internet !!

“Annatthe” roast review of “Plip Plip” youtube channel released on their youtube channel on Friday. The cxhannel which is known for making fun of films that were made regressive, supporting caste and films that glorifies stereotypes, use abusive language while making the videos. Sarvs, Gurubaai who are running the show, enjoying a separate fan base for their youtube channel “Plip Plip”. The channel which contains 7 lakh plus subscribers uploaded “Annatthe” review on Friday evening.



In their review, Sarvs and Gurubhai pointed out the flaws in “Annatthe” and roasted it in their own way. The video is currently trending with 3 lakh plus views in the youtube platform. Sarvs says that he felt like listening to the laments of a drunkard while Rajinikanth started his narration in “Annatthe”. The duo also parodied the dialogues of “Annatthe” by replacing abusive words to the original dialogues.

Sarvs and Gurubaai, while talking about the chemistry between Kaalaiyan and Pattamma played by Rajinikanth and Nayanthara respectively, said that the level of intimacy between Kaalaiyan and Thanga Meenakshi, Kalayan’s sister role played by Keerthy Suresh looked a bit higher. Sarvs also mentioned the reference of 2003 released Korean action thriller “Old boy”, story of which revolves around a father and daughter maintaining an intimate relationship between them without each other’s knowledge.


Watch Plip Plip’s Annatthe roast below :

Many, including movie reviewer Prashanth expressed their disappointment over the way “Annatthe” was roasted by “Plip Plip”. Prashanth, to the fans of all the actors, said that the makers of “Plip Plip” who are abusing every actor will also abuse the sisters and mothers of the viewers. Here’s the video of reviewer Prashanth who called Sarvs and Gurubaai as a disgrace to Tamil youtube community :

Check out some of the other reactions that were surfaced against the youtubers :


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