“Please Stop Eating These”- Mansoor Ali Khan’s Advise At The Funeral Of Meena’s Husband !!

After paying his last respect to Vidyasagar, actress Meena’s husband who died due to lungs failure, actor Mansoor Ali Khan met the press reporters and advised people not to to eat food that were made of artificial ingredients. The actor also asked people to avoid eating fast food and requested Tamil nadu government to initiate the actions on letting the people of the state to eat healthy food.


“Vidyasagar, lovable husband of artist Meena passed away. I pray to god for his soul to rest in peace. He died in a young age. I heard he was just 48 years old. It is said that he died of lung cancer and diseases similar to that. Not only because of the demise of Vidya Sagar, generally we should take care of our food habits” actor Mansoor Ali Khan said to the press reporters.

“We are eating food that contains ingredients like Ajinomoto and usage of seedless vegetables in Tamil nadu and India, Vegetables that were injected with poisonous chemicals are increasing in our daily food habits. People are going to countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai to eat unadulterated, quality food. Tamil nadu traveled so far from having such criteria I think” the actor said.

“Including children, many people are consuming fast food which is being made with chemicals. We are also making such food items in our houses. All the vegetables we consume are artificially made. I request Tamil nadu government to initiate actions to prevent such food habits and stop deaths at young age” the actor added.

Watch the video below :

Source : Thanthi TV 

Meena married Vidyasagar, a Bangalore-based software engineer, on 12 July 2009 at Arya Vysya Samaj Kalyana Mandapam. The couple later visited Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, Andhra Pradesh. The couple has a daughter, Nainika Vidyasagar who made her acting debut at the age of 5 in Theri alongside actor Vijay. Now, the report about the demise of the actress’s husband has sent shock waves to the fans and the people of film industry. It is notable that the entire family of the actress infected with COVID 9 virus last year.

“He already got infected with the lungs. The condition Vidhayasagar suffering was serious that it could require the transplant of both the lungs. the disease causes by breathing the air that consists the spittle of pigeons. Many pigeons were being grown near his house located in Bangalore which could have caused him breathing problem” a close source to the actress said, according to Ananda Vikatan.


“His health became worse after COVID 19 virus situation emerged. During new year, all the members of the actress family were infected with the virus. They turned negative as soon as getting infected but the lungs problem continued to test Vidhyasagar” the source said. “He was admitted to a private hospital that is located in Alwarpet, Chennai. Initially they wee planning to transplant lungs”

“It would usually take more time to get lungs from those who are brain dead. While waiting for the lungs, Doctors tried to cure him without operation. But he didn’t respond to the treatment and his health got worsen day by day as a result of which he died today” the source said, according to Anandha Vikatan. While Vidhyasagar was getting treatment, former Medical department secretary Radhakrishnan visited the hospital and was monitoring the treatments provided to him, said the report.


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