“Please Leave Me Sir” – Audio Of Professor Threatening Student Sent Shock Waves

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4 months ago

A leaked audio of a professor named Sathish threatening a female student to co-operate him by going to his house, sent shock waves among the public. The incident grabbed the attention of Nagapattinam district collector Arun Thambura who ordered to file a case against the professor. The college principal, while talking to media, said that Sathish joined the firm only few days ago. Reports suggests that the arrest was made against the individual for further investigation.

The incident took place at Karthikeyan college of nursing which is located in Puthur, next to Nagapattinam district. More than 100 female students are studying in the college and Sathish was working as Anatomy teacher. In the leaked audio call, Sathish could be heard threatening one of the students to go to his house.

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“Where are you now??” he asks the student to which she replies “I don’t have money to come”. “It’s only 10 rupees to come here, May I come in my bike to pick you up? ” he further asks and the student says that she don’t have interest in going to his house.

“Let’s talk in college whatever it is” the student says but he insists on making her to visit his house. It has been reported that Sathish, in the pretext of warning the girl students who talk with their fellow male students, threatens them to visit his house. Students of the college raised a complaint against the professor to the district collector regarding the same.

When the student says that she is afraid of going to his house, Sathish asks her not to get scared and assures that he will take care of everything. “There will be no complaint against hereafter, please leave me this time” she could be heard pleading.

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“I’m calling you to my house only to want you” Sathish says to which the student replies “Warn me through phone itself”. At one point, the student says that she is on her menstruation period to avoid going to his house to which Sathish replies, “I will take care of it, you come”.

When the college principal was inquiring the student regarding the complaint against the professor, Sathish went there and an argument took place between the accused and the students. Based on the investigation made by the officials of the social welfare department, district collector Arun Thambura ordered to file a case against Sathish.

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source : Polimer

Going by the statement of the college principal, Police arrested the accused and the further investigation are on.



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