“Please Don’t Support Extra Marital Affairs” – Sanam Shetty Requests Vanitha

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CM / Updated: 2020-07-21
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Followed by Kasthuri, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Producer Ravindran, popular model Sanam Shetty came in to support Elizabeth Helen in the issue of Vanitha Vijayakumar and Peter paul marriage. Sanam is known among Tamil internet users as an estranged girlfriend of Tharshan, a former Bigg Boss participant, model and an aspiring actor. Vanitha, after entering Bigg Boss house for the second time, supported Sanam Shetty by calling out Sherin for the relationship she had with Tharshan. Sherin claimed that it is just a “crush” but Vanitha termed it as an “affair” which made Sherin to break into tears. However, Vanitha, while addressing about people’s concern over her Bigg Boss activities, said that it is just a game played by them to win the trophy.


Now, Sanam shetty, in her recent tweet had stated that she will always grateful for Vanitha for the support she gave when she was getting cheated by Tharshan. “But I can’t accept u justifying a man to have affairs outside a marriage & degrade a wife/mother’s character.” she said in her tweet and added that she can’t encourage this trend.

Check out her tweet below :

Vanitha, replying to this tweet said that Tharshan is the one who had multiple affairs and cheated Sanam. She said that 7 years of Peter paul’s separation with his wife and the pending of a legal divorce doesn’t make him a man who is having affair. Vanitha wished Sanam a good luck for the case she filed against Tharshan seeking her money back. “Ultimately you women don’t want a husband only money” her reply tweet read.

Check out her reply below :

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“ma I referred to ur statement where u support extra marital affairs in TN..hvn multiple wives as a norm. It’s not ma. Btw I have only asked for my own hard earned money which was used by him when he needed it. he no longer needs it since he is a star!” said Sanam in her reply.


Followed by this reply, Sanam uploaded a video in her official account insisting the same. “I have never made any statement regarding your relationship with Peter Paul. But the way you supported extra marital affair in one of your recent interview made me to state my opinion. The trend you are trying to set is extremely dangerous. Please don’t support extra marital affairs” Sanam Shetty requested.

Watch the video below :

Source : Cine Ulagam

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