Phone Call Audio Of Anitha Sampath & Producer Ravindar Leaked !!

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2 years ago

A phone call conversation that took place between movie producer Ravindar Chandrasekhar and Bigg Boss contestant Anitha Sampath got surfaced in the official twitter account of the latter. In the audio, we could hear Anitha and Ravindar having a heated argument over the way the latter reviewed Bigg Boss season 4 in Behindwoods youtube channel.


It all started when Balaji Murugadoss announced that he is going to return the award he received from Behindwoods as they failed to telecast his award winning speech and moment. Anitha came in to extend her support to Balaji which made Ravindar who reviewed Bigg Boss show for Behindwoods youtube channel to confront both. While receiving award, Balaji criticized the Bigg Boss reviewers of Behindwoods channel.


In the audio, Anitha asks Ravindar whether he supported Aari to save himself from the public criticism. Replying to her, Ravindar says “From the 60th day where he doesn’t have any support, I made him win just by my speech. I feel very proud of that”. When Anitha questioned Ravindar back asking “Are you taking the credit for Aari’s victory ?” , the film producer replies “It is not my part of job whether Aari is going to accept this or not, I am the one who influenced digital world, the most. I am the one who made Aari talk as a bigger volume” Ravindar could be heard saying in the audio.

Anitha says that she feels that Aari won by his hard work and Ravindar replies back saying “No negative element of Aari came out since 65th day to 100th day. I don’t know the reason behind it. I started talking about him in a positive way and avoided his negatives. The TV channel did the same and I countered them by supporting Aari” Ravindar says.


Sharing the audio, Anitha wrote “Aari victory Ku ninga credit eduthukuringala” was my question… I don’t think this is against aari..i just supported aari… This man is manipulating now” as her caption.

“OK its a 2.43 mins audio…i only supported aari..i said aari’s Victory is because of him..and also said review must be equal to everyone.i don’t think this is wrong..this man is trying to manipulate asusual.. Iam not against bala or aari..i close to both.. This man as usual tries to degrade the female contestants especially me..just my reminding the last week fight with aari..except that one matter i have always been a support to him..i was the one who said “cup oda vanga aari” in my reentry..” her next tweets read.

Here’s her tweet :

Reacting to these tweets of Anitha, Ravidnar, through his twitter account, wrote “Thanks anitha.. doesn’t need 6 months to reveal all this part audio in twitter .28th jan call made .call time 1hr 21min.Jus now balaji murugados called and told cheap behavior of you what u trying to create drift aari fame via his fans. I will reveal anitha whole audio to public.”


Ravindar also shared an audio in his official face book account in which he says that he only influenced the people of digital world to support Aari. “People wouldn’t have supported me if I emphasized the activities of Aari” he says to Anitha in the audio he released.

Here’s the audio released by Ravindar Chandrasekar :

Here’s his next post regarding the audio :


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