“Petrol Rate Decreased” Proudly Said H.Raja !! Check Why People Trolling Him Now !!


Petrol, diesel prices saw another big cut on Tuesday after which petrol prices fell below Rs 80 per litre mark in Mumbai for the first time after March 2018. Today fuel prices were cut by 40-45 paise per litre across major cities of the country. After today’s price cut, non-branded petrol in national capital Delhi was priced at Rs 74.07 as against Rs 74.49 on Monday and diesel was retailing at Rs 68.89 compared to Rs 69.29 yesterday, according to data available on Indian Oil Corporation website.

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In Mumbai, petrol was sold at Rs 79.62 per litre on Tuesday compared to Rs 80.03 on Monday. Diesel in Mumbai became cheaper by 43 paise to Rs 72.13 per litre.

In Chennai, petrol was retailing at Rs 76.88 per litre as against Rs 77.32 on Monday. In Kolkata petrol was sold at Rs 76.06 as against Rs 76.47 per litre yesterday. Diesel in these cities was sold at Rs 72.77 and Rs 70.74 respectively. In Noida, petrol was priced at Rs 73.12 on Monday compared to 73.45 on Monday and diesel was sold at Rs 67.59 compared to Rs 68.93 yesterday.

Also, in the month of November so far, petrol prices have come down by nearly Rs 5.50 per litre while diesel has become cheaper by over Rs 5 across major cities of the country. The recent cut in fuel prices has given a big relief to consumers and will have a positive impact on the country’s inflation reading, which the RBI uses for taking decisions on policy rates.

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In a note of registering the reduction, H.Raja, the national secretary of BJP posted a tweet in his official twitter account. His Tamil tweet read “இன்று பெட்ரோல் விலை 76.88 மற்றும் டீசல் 72.77. நிச்சயம் டிசம்பர் இறுதியில் நாம் எதிர்பார்க்கும் நிலையான பெட்ரோல் 70/- டீசல் 67/- க்கு வந்து விடும்.” (Today Petrol price is 78.88 and 72.77. At the end of December, let hope it will be reduced for 70 and 67 as we are anticipating”)

As usual this tweet of him also received big time hatred for many reasons. Check out some of them here :

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H. Raja is an Indian politician and a law graduate who is one of the national secretaries of the Bharathiya Janata Party. H. Raja is known for his rhetoric against political opponents. He used to call them as anti-Indians. Once he even called journalists who asked questions on central government’s policy as anti-Indians.

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