People Trolled This Famous Bollywood Actress For Her Masturbation Scene !! Here’s How She Replied !!


On Monday, during the Phase 4 of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections 2019, Swara Bhasker found herself at the receiving end of social media hate yet again. Even as people exercised their right to vote, a man-woman duo came out on streets to slut-shame Swara even as they urged people to “vote wisely.”

In her movie “Veere Di Wedding”, Swara had a scene in which she was seen masturbating. The actress was heavily slammed for doing that scene but she remained unaffected with the criticism.

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The two were seen holding placards that read, “This election, don’t be like Swara Bhasker, use your finger wisely. Vote Wisely!” As said, It was a sly dig at Swara’s masturbation scene from the last year’s Veere Di Wedding that had become a talking point all over. While some had come out in support of the actress, the majority of them found the self-pleasing scene “immoral.”



Swara slammed these people in a derisive tweet. She wrote, “Awwwwwww!!!!! My trolls are hard at work again, sweating it out in the heat to popularise my name.. You guys are SO dedicated & sweet!!!”

“Don’t mind the slut-shaming guys.. their imagination is a bit limited.. but loving the effort you two,” she wrote, sharing two pictures of people holding up placards talking about using ‘your finger wisely’.

Check out her tweet here :

In fact, the man who seems to have started the placard campaign has recently achieved ‘fame’ as an ardent social media campaigner for the BJP. A placard campaign video he made in support of the BJP recently went viral, propelling the young man to the heights of troll star-dom.

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Swara’s Veere Di Wedding co-star was among the few Bollywood celebs who had backed her when she was savagely trolled for her masturbation scene. She had told the news agency ANI, “I think people just like to troll her because she has an opinion & a point of view & I guess that shows how much they love her because the other side of hate is always love, so Swara you have a lot of lovers!”

Check out some of the reactions for her tweet here :

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