People, Celebrities & Politicians Of Karnataka Got Upset Over This Google Result !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-06-04
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The US based search engine giant Google, found itself in a big trouble on Thursday after concluding “Kannada” as the ugliest language in India. Many speakers of the language condemned the search result that was showed by the world’s widely used search engine. A formal apologize was made by Google after people expressed their disappointment over the result that popped up when one asked “what’s the most ugliest language in India? “



An image which went viral in social media platforms showed Google answering “The answer is Kannada spoken by around 40 million people in South India” to a search term which asked “What is the ugliest language in India? ”

People who speak the language got hurt and started venting their emotions out by trending various kind of hashtags supporting their language. #Kannada trended as soon as the screen shot of the Google result went viral and #KannadaQueenOfAllLanguages also continued to trend in the micro blogging social media site.

“Home to the great Vijayanagara Empire, #Kannada language has a rich heritage, a glorious legacy and a unique culture. One of the world’s oldest languages Kannada had great scholars who wrote epics much before Geoffrey Chaucer was born in the 14th century. Apologise” wrote MP PC Mohan in his tweet whereas deputy chief minister Dr. Ashwathnarayan C. N. said “Kannada is not just a language. It’s an emotion for #Kannadigas! With more than 2500 Yrs of history, Namma Kannada has reached all the seven continents of the world! I urge @GoogleIndia to respect the sentiments of Kannadigas & rectify the search results.”. Kannada based actresses Pranita Subash, Samyuktha Hegde also raised voice against Google.

Check out some of the reactions below :



Google, on seeing the outrage, came up with a response conveying an apologize to the people who got offended. After deleting the result, it said “Search isn’t always perfect. Sometimes, the way content is described on the Internet can yield surprising results to specific queries. We know this is not ideal, but we take swift corrective action when we are made aware of an issue and are continually working to improve our algorithms. Naturally, these are not reflective of the opinions of Google, and we apologize for the misunderstanding and hurting any sentiments.” Google said in a public statement.

“We apologize for the misunderstanding and hurting any sentiment” read the caption of the post uploaded in the official Twitter account of Google India.


Here’s some of the reactions that surfaced after the response of Google :

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