Parvathy Replied To Haters Who Criticized For The Way She Interviewed Maari Selvaraj !!

Ahead of Karnan’s theatrical release, Director Maari Selvaraj is busy participating in providing interviews to the prominent Tamil youtube channels. On seeing the way video jockey Parvathy of Galatta interviewing the filmmaker, many viewers who watched the 19 minute long interaction started criticizing her. Some of them even abused her in an inappropriate way for no particular reason. Responding to them, Parvathy uploaded a couple of stories saying that she is ready to accept constructive criticism and called out the online harassment the hate comments caused.


“Pariyerum Perumal” fame Maari Selvaraj’s next venture “Karnan” starring Dhanush is going to be released in theatres on 9th of April. While interviewing Maari Selvaraj regarding the film, Parvathy asked him to answer on some of the questions that would give audience an idea about the film’s plot.

Maari who thought that answering such questions would ruin the perspective of audience, refused to answer them and asked her to wait till the film’s release. When she asked whether the semiotic Maari Selvaraj kept in the teaser denotes the battle between upper and lower caste, the filmmaker said “That’s the question I should ask you audience”

“A creator is creating something and audience are watching it and asks the creator why he created it. I couldn’t understand it. It’s an experience. Putting words to it is a betrayal to the art form is what I think. Making me talk about something I made is a violence to art I created” Maari Selvaraj said.

However, the filmmaker answered to many of the other questions asked by Parvathy regarding Dhanush, Music director Santhosh Narayanan and other actors, technicians. Watch the interaction below :

Source : Galatta

On seeing this interaction, many of the followers of the youtube channel criticized Parvathi for the questions she asked to Maari. “Paaru you don’t know how to ask questions” said an online user whereas another one said “it’s getting irritating to see the anchor”. Some of them even abused her in an inappropriate way.

Check out some of the reactions below :

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Replying to these kind of comments, Parvathy wrote “Understanding #Karnan. And kindly stop commenting bullshit like you don’t know how to ask questions. If you don’t hv an open mind to understand my perspective U will never accept any qns & ideology tht I’m talking about. People, Let’s grow in and out.” in her twitter and Instagram account.

“I welcome criticism but hatred is something worst and this is happening especially for me. I call it online harassment of simply posting hate comments without any motive. You can’t summmma post rubbish comments just because you don’t like me.” she said and went on to add “Anyway, I’m going to accept your genuine comments if it is organic & essential for my growth. Let us not underestimate anyone. We all have this life to do mistakes and learn out of it. Right ?”

Check out her post below :


She also replied to an abuser who caller her a “b*tch”. “Simply can’t accept any woman asking questions. Unhealthy behaviour which pissed me off” she said by adding “Fu*k Off you Chauvinist”

Here’s the screen shot of her story :



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