Parrot Arrested For Alerting The Owners About Police Officer’s Arrival !! BIZARRE !!

4 years ago

We have came across many weird cases around the world where in everything they arrested many men and women for the crimes they committed. Now to our shock, a parrot has been arrested for a sin that made in presence of Police officers.

In a bizarre incident that took place in Piaui state, the police officers caught a parrot red handed for alerting it’s owners for the arrival of the Police. One of the Police officer has alleged that the parrot must have been trained for this by the drug dealers in order to escape from getting arrested.

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The parrot allegedly shouted as “Mamae !! Policia” which means “Mama !! Police” when police went to search the place. But the effort of the parrot went in vain as it was arrested by the police officers as soon as the owner’s got caught.

The unnamed, feathered accomplice was found perched inside of a small, windowless brick one-story home, according to a report from Brazil’s R7. The unsuccessful warning resulted in the arrest of his owners, a man, and a teenage girl. The Brazilian station also aired footage of police cataloging small bags of crack, while the parrot sat obediently watching on the countertop.

It was taken to the Teresina Police Department, where it remained in total silence “even as law enforcement sought to loosen it up.” The suspect couple’s defence attorney, Salma Barros, has questioned how the yelling parrot could remain totally quiet in the police station.


An environmentalist named Jaqueline Lustosa told Meio Norte that she had gone to the police department to free the bird. Reports said the parrot had been taken to a local zoo, where zookeepers would train it how to fly.

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The pet’s stubborn silence continued even there, a veterinarian said. “Lots of police officers have come by,” veterinarian Alexandre Clark said Wednesday, according to the Guardian, “and he’s said nothing.”

The officer that “arrested” the papagaio do tráfico — or “trafficking parrot,” as it has been referred to in outlets, by carrying it out of the house on his fingertips and placing him in a cage to be transported to the Teresina Police Department.

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GloboNews, one of Brazil’s main cable news outlets, reported on Wednesday that the parrot was to be transferred to a local zoo, wherein which zookeepers would teach it to fly before being released. The parrot has remained silent at there as well which amused the Police officers who kept on trying make the parrot make noise.

Well, this is unbelievable loyalty from a parrot in the world of backstabbers. ain’t it ??

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