#Paliyal Jalsa Party Trending On Top In Twitter!! You Just Can’t Miss These Reactions!! 不不不


On 24, August 2021 an obnoxious video had hit online making many feel disgusted. Madhan Ravichandran, a member of BJP and a youtuber has released a sordid video that soon became viral and caught the eyes of many people. He says it’s a part of his sting operation. The video has been recorded in a video call. The video features K T Raghavan, Tamil Nadu BJP general secretary. He has appeared in many Tamil news channels’ debate shows representing the party. This video is of him doing an inappropriate action in a video call with a fellow party woman. After the release of the video K T Raghavan has given his resignation. Annamalai, the state president of BJP has said that investigations on the authenticity of the video will be made. However, after the resignation, K T Raghavan has said that the truth will win someday.

K T Raghavan, Tamil Nadu BJP General Secretary

Despite the questions of authenticity and veracity, this video has become viral and has become the most happening content on Social Media. This video has come as a treat to the meme creators. On Twitter, the trending hashtag #鉈芹挽鉈耜挪鉈能挈鉒鉈鉈耜鉈鉈擒鉈鉒鉈鉈 comprises of all the opinions, comments and, trolls made on K T Raghavan. Most of the trolls are uproarious. Some hilarious comparisons and comments provoke unstoppable laughter.

Madhan Ravichandran has said that he has videos of 15 leaders of BJP, and he might release them too. This video has created a shock among the people. In spite of telling that the party is concerned about protecting their female party members, this video has undoubtedly dragged down the reputation of the party.


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