Paari Salan Accused VVD Without Evidence !! : VVD Claims Legal Action Against Him !! : SHOCKING !!

Paari Salan, a social media influencer who is prominently known for his controversial speeches in most of the leading Youtube Channels. He will always be seen talking about the existence of Illuminati , the secret society which is believed by him as it is ruling the world.


Recently, he was seen participating in a Youtube show called BAT SHIT CRAZY in which he has been involved in a series of arguments with the anchor. BAT SHIT CRAZY is a raw and uncensored form of journalism where they interview interesting and unusual personalities.

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At one point of the interview, in the name of proving the corporate dominance in the country India, Paari Saalan asks the host “Do Parachute and VVD Gold are mineral oil or coconut oil?” to which the anchor answers as they are coconut oil. Paari salan denies and accused that they are not coconut oil at all. He firmly said that they are produced from a by product of petroleum with the essential oil. An oil is “essential” in the sense that it contains the “essence of” the plant’s fragrance—the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it is derived. Pari Saalan repeatedly kept on saying that they are “essential oil” without providing any authenticated proof or documentation to the host or to the audience.


After seeing the video of Paari Saalan’s interview, Mr. Rozario, The Product Developer of VVD Gold contacted Chennai Memes in order to explain the origin of VVD Gold coconut oil. He provided the details of the original ingredients that are used to make the VVD Gold coconut oil (COCONUT COPRA EXRACT OIL / 100% PURE & NATURAL) which proved Paari Saalan’s allegations are completely FALSE and BASELESS.

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“The legacy of VVD dates back to 1943. Ever since VVD Gold Pure Coconut Oil is the Flag Ship Product from the House Of VVD and It Stands for its Quality & Authentic Purity.

At present, VVD is the Market Leader ranked as the No:1 Coconut Oil Trusted Brand in Tamil Nadu , and No: 2 in India. Being Natural and Credible.


VVD products have been enjoyed and appreciated by millions of women not only in India but also internationally. And it’s the perpetuity of exceptional quality that VVD offers that gives generations the heritage of promising Hair care.” he stated.

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The primary Characteristics of VVD Gold Pure Coconut oil are :

  •        Pure Coconut Oil (Only Copra Extract)
  •        Edible Grade Oil
  •        Authenticated by FSSAI
  •        Free From Argemone Oil
  •        Nutrition Facts is as per “Nutritive Value of Indian foods”; Source: ICMR / NIN
  •        Pure Vegetarian
  •        100% Pure & Natural

The given details are also evident in the Label of VVD Gold Pure Coconut Oil, highlighted in Red.

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If we look close the product “VVD Gold Coconut oil” is licensed as FSSAI product. FSSAI product approval is the process by which an Edible product gets approved by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. FSSAI product approval is required for Edible products which contains ingredients and/or additives which are not as per prescribed standards in the Food Safety and Standards Act and Regulations.ev

It is also evident the label saying FREE FROM ARGEMONE OIL. Consumption of this ARGEMONE oil leads to health disorders among children. To avoid this, VVD Gold is certified as Non-Argemone Oil.

Mr. Rozario also suggests anyone who have doubt in the credential of VVD Gold Pure coconut oil can examine it by producing it to the appropriate lab. “Those who accuse the product’s PURITY without proper evidence will be CHARGED LEGALLY” he added.



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