Pa. Ranjith Wants MK Stalin To Take Action Against Caste Discrimination !!


Amidst the pandemic situation that forced people to lock themselves inside their houses to stay safe, a video of a set of elderly men falling on the feet of others during a “Panchayat” got surfaced in the Internet and is going viral across the users of it. The act of discrimination is being widely condemned to an extend Director Pa. Ranjith tagged Tamil nadu chief minister MK Stalin and demanded an action against the discriminators.

The incident took place at a village named Ottananthal that is located in Thiruvennainallur of Vizhupuram district. It has been reported that the people of the village followed discrimination by making three elderly men fall on the feet of others in a so called “Panchayat”. The video shows three men wearing “Dhoti” and “Shirt” falling on the feet of those who could be seen sitting on the floor.

The elderly men who belong to scheduled caste, were asked to fall on the feet of other caste men for conducting a Festival on their own, according to One India. Earlier, people of another caste registered a police complaint against Dalit people for conducting a Festival without getting their permission. Police who arrived at the spot, confiscated the speakers and the Dalit people of Ottananthal reached the Police station to write an apology letter.

Watch the video below :

Many youngsters could be seen watching the incident from the crowd and it is believed that such inhumane practice could influence them to follow it in their future. “It is hard for the future generation to come out of such oppressions it seems” a social media follower wrote to express her emotion towards the videos and pictures of the incident that surfaced. Many others made similar opinions with reactions demanding legal actions against those who are responsible for the incident.

Director Pa. Ranjith shared the video in his twitter timeline, condemning the incident. “The entire world is getting destroyed due to the deadly virus but the grudge of the caste obsessed people didn’t seem to quit. Will Tamil nadu government try to quit them ?” Ranjith asked by tagging Chief minister MK Stallin.

Check out his tweet below :


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