Oviya’s First Tweet After Coming From BIGG BOSS Home !! : Twitter Explodes !!

CM / Updated: 2018-06-19
18:56 IST

Only one day has passed since Bigg Boss Tamil kicked off and the show has started making headlines already. Oviya, the darling of the masses from season one, made a brief appearance on the show as a guest. Before entering the house, the host Kamal Haasan had asked her to not let the contestants know that she wasn’t participating in the game for a while. It was believed that Oviya’s presence would make the game more difficult for other participants. Also, Kamal’s statement led the audience to believe that she will be around on the show for some time.


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The ploy did work for a while. The contestants, especially women, looked like lightning struck them as Oviya entered the house with a suitcase. But the cover was soon blown as Sendrayan figured that she has only one suitcase with her. This led to contestants opening her suitcase to find out that it contained water bottles. Oviya admitted to being a guest and was asked by Bigg Boss to exit the house. Oviya exited the house after she wished all the contestants and also said, “Ungala ellam paatha enaku paavama iruku. Ennena nadakapogudho” (I pity you guys. Who knows what is going to happen).


Now, fans of the show have begun to wonder if her exit was a result of Oviya’s cover being blown by the contestants. But looking at the house, it is sure that the Bigg Boss has more tricks up his sleeve in the forthcoming days.



After exiting from the house Oviya tweeted her first tweet which got massive response from the audience. She got 6K loves within 2 hours. Several comments she recieved as well. Check out her tweet below :

Fans showed their love towards her through their comments. Check out them below :


What do you think on this tweet of Oviya ??

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